World Whines To Trump – Don’t Walk, Take Obama Climate Bucks, Deals...

World Whines To Trump – Don’t Walk, Take Obama Climate Bucks, Deals Away

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China knows the same thing that those derided as “flat-earthers” in the United States know. The climate hoax is nothing more than a scam, one which cripples their chief competitor, the United States. Whether Hussein Obama was working with them or simply wants to cripple America for his own reasons is immaterial. Donald Trump works for America; the “climate” deals are melting.

The Chinese don’t like the idea of losing their unfair advantage the Obama-dictated suicide pacts imposed any more than their ability to manipulate their currency and other attacks on the United States and world markets. They’re making it known, an indicator Donald Trump is doing what’s best for us.

The Financial Times reports that “China has warned Donald Trump that he will be defying the wishes of the entire planet if he acts on his vow to back away from the Paris climate agreement after he becomes US president next January.” China is not a spokesperson for the planet and couldn’t care less what the other nations think, it’s about them.

The Morocco COP22 meeting is currently taking place in Marrakech, the follow up to the Paris scam of last year in which Hussein Obama and his globalist comrades successfully stuffed this pile of crap down the throats of the American people. A senior Beijing negotiator is quoted as having said on Friday, “It is global society’s will that all want to co-operate to combat climate change.” The FT noted the Chinese commitment that “‘any movement by the new US government” would not affect their transition towards becoming a greener economy.”

Of course Beijing hasn’t made any changes of substance. Everything they agreed to in Paris took the form of soft and vague future commitments, ones which are easily reversible. They’re not stupid. India, another nation that stands to gain market share and wealth, including donations from America’s treasury through the deal, warned that if they aren’t able to pick the American carcass they may not be so willing honor their pledge either.

Ravi Prasad, India’s chief negotiator, told the Financial Times, “Everyone will rethink how this whole process is going to unfold.” If they don’t get their sweet side deals and America’s market share why should they care about hysteria about the planet?

Prasad compared Trump’s impact on the climate hoax to that of George W. Bush on the Kyoto accord, which fell apart after he was elected. Prasad said that if the US withdraws from the Paris accord, it could be the beginning of “a contagious disease that spreads.”

The parasitic nations of the world already had their siphon straws in hand, ready to inject and start making sucking noises and a celebration planned when the word came Wednesday of the Trump victory. That news was a major buzz-kill for the self-serving diplomats and effectively put the brakes on the self-enrichment in the name of climate activities. With Obama and Clinton had were assured of America’s globalist drift and suicidal inclination. Trump’s nationalism, putting America first leaves them dead in the water.

One of the hand-wringing parasites, Adnan Amin, the director-general of the International Renewable Energy Agency, said “a sense of helplessness” had pervaded the Marrakech talks, and “a certain amount of fear.” Maybe the little snowflake diplomat should man up and go out and get a real job producing something instead of scamming and feeding off of the productivity of others.

No nation or combination of nations has volunteered to fill the financial or restrictive gap left by the anticipated American withdrawal. Billions of dollars in both public and private funds were committed illegally by Hussein Obama to the scam, to be funneled from our treasury to the UN and beyond.

 Japan foreign ministry official Shigeru Ushio said, “If the US changes its position that would be very serious for us, especially the aspect of the finance.” No other nation seems quite so free and reckless with their people’s financial future as Obama was, for some odd reason.

Russia’s lead negotiator, Oleg Shamanov, said, “We’re talking about the big challenge of climate change. This issue is bigger than life. This is a long-term issue, longer than any mandate of any president of country X or Z, even if that country is a big one.” Knock yourself out, shut down your factories, stop pumping oil, donate to the UN, nobody’s stopping you.

The treaty was never ratified by the Senate, as the Constitution requires. All of these other nations choose to ignore that fact because Obama has been ignoring it. We’re signed up but the signature is invalid. Obama cannot dictatorially self-ratify a treaty. That’s not a factor that is lost on Mr. Trump. The claims that it would require a one or four year period to disengage are deliberate disinformation on the part of the scammers. That would be the case after ratification, which Obama avoided because Republicans would never have supported him.

The FT noted, “The talk in the corridors is, ‘OK, this is not going to stop us from moving forward, we will just redouble our efforts,’ said Hugh Sealy, a lead negotiator for an alliance of small island countries.” Those small countries are among those with their hand extended for Obama’s Halloween candy treasury wealth redistribution.

Go ahead, redouble your efforts, boys. Hold out both hands and see how much faster they fill up.

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