Working Now at IRS – Terror Sympathizer Who Abused FBI Data – Access To Data on Millions

by: Rick Wells

539 alaki friend rasool hired to work irs

The IRS has never enjoyed a good reputation among the American people, but, while many believed them to be an abusive, largely unaccountable bureaucracy, it has only recently come to light that they are also a partisan tool used for un-American activities.

More information in that regard now seems to be beginning to come forward.

In that light, during a period in which Tea Party groups of freedom-loving Americans are treated as terrorists and targeted by the IRS, real terror suspects are given good-paying jobs and access to private, personal information of millions of Americans.

In a lawless regime, terror connections seem to be treated as resume enhancements.

In 2008, a policeman named Mohammad Weiss Rasool was prosecuted and convicted by the Justice Department in federal court for using his access to the FBI’s NCIC system in order to warn a terror suspect that he was being watched. The investigation was severely affected.

Now he’s moved forward to a new decade, a new name and a new job. Mohammad Weiss Rasool has now changed his name to Weiss Russell, and he is working for the IRS as a financial management analyst, out of the IRS Deputy Chief Financial Officer’s office.

Court documents show that Russell abused his position as a law enforcement officer, with access to police databases, by alerting Abdullah Alnoshan that he was under surveillance. Alnoshan, a close associate of Anwar al-Awlaki, of al-Qaeda infamy, was also a friend of Russell’s. The two attended the same mosque.

The Justice Department charged and proved that Alnoshan gave license plate numbers to Russell of cars which he thought might be being used in surveillance of him. Russell then ran those numbers through the FBI’s NCIC database, discovering they were registered to a leasing company used by the FBI.

The FBI intercepted a warning message that Russell left for Alnoshan.

Evidence also indicated that on more than a dozen occasions, Russell checked his name, as well as those of relatives and friends to see if they were listed on the NCIC Violent Crime and Terrorist Offender File.

Alnoshan was arrested in November of 2005, convicted and deported to Saudi Arabia. At the time of the early morning arrest, he and his family were already dressed and in the process of destroying evidence when agents arrived. This was considered to be further evidence of a mole.

Russell was indicted in January 2008, and pleaded guilty in April 2008.

Prosecutors had sought jail time for Russell but a judge instead sentenced him to just two years probation. A Fairfax County police internal affairs investigation resulted in his resignation in August of 2008.

One has to ask how a person with this type of background, with connections to known terrorists and criminal actions on their behalf, was able to gain any type of work in the federal government. Add to that his abuse of trust with a government database in accessing it to aid those terrorists and it is all the more outrageous that he now has even more critical access to the personal data of millions of Americans.

An IRS official told PJ Media, anonymously, that the position of financial management analyst would have required the completion of the Standard Form 86 questionnaire for national security positions and an extensive background check would have been conducted.

That source opined that there is no way for anyone with Russell’s record of abuse of access to a government database and damaging a terror investigation to have been satisfactorily vetted and approved for hire without some type of intervention on his behalf. The fact that he changed his name would have made no difference.

This hiring was not the result of an innocent mistake. It was a deliberate act by someone with the influence to make it happen. It is quite possibly only the tip of a personnel iceberg at the IRS. That could be the explanation of how the agency is able to recruit individuals to harass conservative groups while being able to hide it from the public at large.

They simply hire people with a proven propensity towards criminal and terrorist acts and who view the average American as their enemy. That might also explain why so many “refugees” are now being imported from the Middle East as well as part of the reason for the high-intensity amnesty push.

The pool of potential applicants with criminal terror ties may not be large enough to satisfy the demands being placed upon it by the Obama regime. They need more “foreign guest workers” and amnesty recipients, a “minor terrorism” background is not a problem.

Rick Wells is a conservative Constitutionalist author who contributes to conservative media outlets. “Like” him on Facebook and “Follow” him on Twitter.

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20 Responses to “Working Now at IRS – Terror Sympathizer Who Abused FBI Data – Access To Data on Millions”

  1. Allen Wojczynski

    No muzzscum should be in the U.S.!! DEPORT THEM ALL!!

  2. David Michael

    wow sounds like premeditated to allow him into those positions and he was being uses as a patsies ! not that im protecting him being a muslim just the story seems like he was being used even though he didn't realize it !

  3. Muriel Lincoln

    Don't these people have to have security clearance or back ground checks?

  4. Evy Rosebrook

    I was going to say the same thing. Don't need to sound redundant though. You said it well enough.

  5. Deborah Cressler

    How does somene get a job when he has already flunked the violation of trust. People with a lessor charge could not get a job at a bank even. This is a political plot to place as many of these type people in key positions as possible. So who is really in charge here and making sure this is done.

  6. Richard Lepsy


  7. Charles E. Elrod

    No surprise in reading this!!

  8. Charles E. Elrod

    No surprise in reading this!!

  9. Rob Bartlett

    The IRS = Another income generator for the The United States of America Incorporated. Nothing to see get back to work

  10. Tony Merritt

    This is hyperbolic trash.

  11. Tony Merritt

    We should do the same with the Polish. Bunch of commies!

  12. Joseph Capko

    Yes! All should be deported except me. What a large yard I'll have!

  13. Mary Chapman

    I thought this guy was killed by a drone.

  14. Debbie Viallon

    Because B Hussein Obama is the pres. The rule of law doesn't apply to him or his admin.

  15. Debbie Viallon

    Hussein didn't.

  16. Ken Sukert

    Interesting article, but it fails to address the overwhelming question that should be answered. Is this guy still employed at the IRS? What is his current status?

  17. Rick Lane

    Really just all lies. Of course pay attention to the facts. Before you result to your own vitriol