White House Silence On Benefits Cuts Irks Veterans Groups

White House Silence On Benefits Cuts Irks Veterans Groups




(BUZZFEED) — Cuts to military veterans benefits in December’s budget deal have outraged veterans groups, but as Congress and President Obama return to Washington this week, the cuts don’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

The budget agreement reached before Christmas puts into place a 1% across-the-board reduction to the cost of living adjustment for military pensions, a move that on principle alone has upset many veterans after 13 years of war. Veterans groups plan to push back against the provisions in the recent budget deal — but so far they’ve been met with radio silence from the White House.

“It is a big surprise for us,” said Michael Hayden, a retired Air Force colonel and director of government relations for the Military Officers Association of America. Hayden’s group has had “informational” conversations with the White House about the impact of cutting veterans benefits, he said, but so far has no insight into whether President Obama will come to their aide.

Top military brass below the president have also been a disappointment, Hayden said.

“We’re really kind of surprised the chairman [of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff] and the Joint Chiefs haven’t come out and said this is wrong,” he said. Read more via BuzzFeed…






  1. the current White House occupant could care less, I am sure he embraces sticking to the troops tp fund his social justices programs. His appointed politicians in uniform will never speak out they are yes men not warriors/soldiers.

  2. he has them all running scared because if they step up they're fired, or unfit for duty . when he is done in office or his dictator ship we wont have a military left unless the commanders and chief act now. if our military over throw this scumbag and arrest him for treason and murder and aiding the enemy with the weapons he's trying to take from the American people. Time to take our country back '

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