What Do Lemmings Eat? Pope Francis’ Just Made A Batch Of His...

What Do Lemmings Eat? Pope Francis’ Just Made A Batch Of His Special Recipe Climate Bologna – Man Made, Served Up Warm


The majority of the content of the Associated Press report is a packaged collection of climate alarmist lies. That is to be expected, given the historic CFR control of the propaganda dissemination organization.

The reporter opens saying, “Rising temperatures, rising sea levels, increasingly violent storms,” all scary and all a complete fabrication. Satellite measurements indicate average temperatures globally have not risen for over eighteen years. Sea levels are virtually unchanged, as any beach-goer could readily see for themselves if they would simply engage their minds in thought, and the US is enjoying a record-long period of over eleven years without a category 3 or above hurricane landing on our shores as well as reduced numbers of tornadoes.

The reporter notes that Pope Francis declared climate change to be a largely man-made problem but fails to note that he’s not a scientist himself or that he excluded qualified scientists that did not support his predetermined outcome in preparing his encyclical.  He’s not interested in the truth or the climate; he’s got his eyes on more power and huge amounts of money.

The Pope declaring anything to be so doesn’t magically make it that way. He still put’s his robe on one leg at a time just like the rest of us and when last we checked, God was not getting his mail with an Italian zip code. False proclamations based upon a political objective are unseemly and quite unbecoming for a sincere religious leader, having the air of hypocrisy.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski, appearing to be under the effects of a Percocet hangover, claims that the Pope is inviting the world to a dialogue. He’s not; he’s inviting them to a one-sided lecture by the opportunistic alarmists and a lynching of the citizens of the United States. Honorary noose-tying is to be performed by our very own treasonous fake ‘president’ and globalist co-conspirator, Hussein Obama.

Wenski says that “prudence tells us that if scientists are telling us to be concerned, we would be foolish not to be concerned.” Prudence also tells us that if Hussein Obama, Pope Francis, Al Gore, Ban Ki-Moon and Kofi Annan are telling us to help them get filthy rich we should be cautious. If they are mandating through global thuggery our submission to their rule and pilferage under UN authoritarianism, we’d be even more foolish not to be concerned.

One “environmental activist” interviewed, Bill Clinton’s environmental adviser Paul Bledsoe, goes into the typical “no-specifics just wild generalized claims” method of advancing their case, saying, that “climate change” is beginning to affect people in their daily lives. Of course it isn’t but any connection to reality is irrelevant to these vermin. He claims that spring is coming earlier, the deliberate and false implication being that it is somehow because of man warming the planet.

The first day of spring is determined by factors such as the length of the orbit of the earth around the Sun, the gravitational pull of other planets upon the earth and changes in the earth’s elliptical orbit called precession. None of those factors have anything to do with Carbon Dioxide or the temperature of the Earth. There is an in-depth explanation of the variation in days between March 19-21st here, none of which have anything to do with man-caused CO2.

The same “wild fires are lasting longer and we never had droughts in the west until now” arguments set the stage for the propaganda to be repeated often enough until it is accepted as truth. The earth worship crowd’s ambassador depicts it as an enlightenment and an awakening but it is neither. It is a grand deception, the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against mankind.

It is also worth remembering that Bill Clinton was the one who signed an executive order mandating compliance with draconian UN dictates for Agenda 21 sustainable development, a surrender of our sovereignty to the UN, also in the name of the climate and population “concerns.” Anyone affiliated with his criminal administration is not to be trusted or believed.

The reporter says, “Pope Francis is widely expected to repeat calls for bold action against climate change.” That’s about as bold of a statement as saying Hussein Obama is expected to vilify cops for black crime. Of course he is, he’s one of the main pitch men of the scam. The perpetration of this hoax was a major consideration in him being elevated to his position as Pope. It’s his job.

“Percocet” Wenski describes the Popes plan of attack saying, “He’ll be forthright, he’ll be clear, he’ll be blunt and he’ll be honest.” To be blunt, unless he changes the content of his message, Francis will be neither forthright nor honest, that much is clear.

Wenski adds, “And I think basically we want to open our minds and open our hearts to listen to him.” This is the same closed-mind pope that excluded anyone from the discussions during the writing of his encyclical who did not share the predetermined viewpoints that man is warming the planet. Some very knowledgeable professionals were excluded yet we are now to have an open mind, aware of his treachery? The Vatican propaganda mill is spewing in typical liberal “holier than thou” manner, from the position that only those who disagree with the leftists need to modify their positions or come with an open mind. The Marxists don’t need to be bothered with such openness, they already know everything.

She closes by saying, “Pope Francis, reframing the climate debate, just as the UN prepares to hold a global conference in December,” as if it was a coincidental occurrence. His encyclical, multiple speeches all year, this trip and the Paris summit are all coordinated events being engaged in as part of the means for installing a global government in the name of saving the environment. That’s why they’re doing all of this. It’s got nothing to do with the air, CO2, the temperature or anything other than wealth redistribution and global power under UN Communism.

That will become more obvious as the crescendo of power creation builds over the next three months.

Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us & www.truthburgers.com