Video CIA Testimony Contradicts Prior Benghazi Reports

Video CIA Testimony Contradicts Prior Benghazi Reports


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New details are starting to emerge as the CIA is available to testify about the attack in Benghazi on 9-11-12. In a new video CIA Testimony  While describing the details of the attack of that night they have expressed they are overcome with anger. Honestly that should come as no surprise at this point. They have been silenced, told to sign not one but two NDA forms! Fox News

It is pretty clear when asked to sign a NDA form that you have to go through formal protocol to testify. A second NDA form there is clearly something that is at risk of being leaked and a lot needs to be covered. However with the little bit of info we are being given we know there were men on the ground that night. Now we are being told that there were NO shots fired from the American side of the conflict. While previous testimony said that three men risked their live and held off islamic militants for hours trying to save Ambassador Stevens.

With this new testimony it details that this was a well planned and executed attack, which I do not doubt in any way that it was. However it takes away all Honor to the Brave men that did stand up and fight to save the Ambassador. According to previous CIA timelines there were shots fired from the American side to save Ambassador Stevens. The Washington Post

So what exactly is the purpose of this newly released testimony. To take away from the families of those lost, make it look like they were cowering in corners. Or to validate Obama and the stand down order that even if help was sent it wouldn’t have helped. I really would like to believe that there is someone with a conscience that would come forward regardless of the ramifications, and give true testimony of that night. But I will not hold my breath.



  1. How could the CIA tell the truth, they orchestrated the attack, provided the weapons, the money, etc.

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