Thug videotapes attack on elderly woman in Rochester, NY. Local police refuse...

Thug videotapes attack on elderly woman in Rochester, NY. Local police refuse to act.



It seems that racially motivated attacks against white people are now a daily occurrence in the state of New York. Ironically it is the states that are supposed to be the most “progressive” on race that have the highest black crime rates.

In this attack, a black male punches an elderly white woman in Rochester, NY in the side of the head. Another thug videotaped the assault. Both are heard cheering and laughing. They slowly walk away with no fear of the consequences of their actions. They posted the video on the internet to gloat. The video was posted by someone using the name “True Goon Tocool Sneekey.”

The story gets worse. Despite posting a video online and incriminating himself. The Rochester police don’t care.

The man who found the video said he called the Rochester PD six times and they were completely disinterested. Then, Rochester PD spokeswoman Sgt. Elena Correia insulted the victim by telling local media it was just “harassment.”

Rochester, New York is 42% black and 37% white.

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  1. Wish they would try that crap out here where most people, young and old, are armed. They may get the first swing, but I;ll get the last shot.

  2. If you do that in Ky, and someone see you, Your in for a Hillbilly Assssss Whopping , if your lucky….. Older folks will just Cap you on the spot. Come on down, you will find your Huckleberry !!!'

  3. Sorry but this kids need their fucking hands cut off fucking punks bring them pussies here and well have hanging we still have a hanging tree in Nevada

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