Rev Manning – If Kim Davis Were A Muslim, She’d Have Never...

Rev Manning – If Kim Davis Were A Muslim, She’d Have Never Been Arrested – Muslims Preferred Over Christians



Reverend Manning makes a point as to the preferential treatment that Muslims are given in the United States over Christians, noting that if Kentucky Court Clerk Kim Davis had been a Muslim, she would have been dealt with in a much different manner.

Manning says, “If Kim Davis said ‘well I’m a Muslim, I’m one of Mohammad’s girls and our religion tells us that we cannot participate in same-sex, false, fag, lesbo marriages,’ you know what they would do? They’d let her go, because she’s a Muslim.”

Manning asks rhetorically, “Well why would they do that? Well,” he says, “Obama’s a Muslim and they don’t want to offend him. Saudi Arabia owns Fox News; they don’t want to offend Saudi Arabia. The Muslim world is now running the United Nations.”

He continues, “When you go to the United Nations, you’d think you just stepped into the mosque, you’d think you’d just stepped into the holy site there in Mecca.” He reminds the viewers of Obama’s Muslim name, saying, “That’s all Muslim all the time.”

“And so, if a Muslim, who has high credibility says it, she gets off, “says Manning. “But if a Christian who has no representative, most of the churches are run by fags themselves, fags like Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Kenneth Copeland, money-grabbers, liars, perverts and thieves; and the Catholic Church run by pedophiles for the most part and a false Pope named Bergoglio. Christianity, you’re a Christian and you disobey you get thrown in jail. You’re a Muslim, you get praise.”

He notes the different treatment of Charee Stanley, the Muslim flight attendant received for refusing to do the portion of her job which involved serving alcohol, which Manning feels is based upon one religion, Islam, receiving preferential treatment while Christians are targeted.

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  1. Do you know how we know this isn't true? There are a few reasons. Number one, a few years ago there were Muslim taxi drivers who refused to drive anybody with alcohol. They got sued, and LOST in court. They had to pick whether to drive everybody equally or quit. So we already know how a Muslim would have been treated in the same situation.

    As for Charee, there's a big difference here. She went about things the proper way and asked for an accomodation–she was allowed to have other flight attendants serve alcohol–which she accepted, and which was then removed. Kim Davis was also offered an accommodation–she was allowed to have her deputies issue licenses instead of herself–which she denied.

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