Rep Keith Ellison, Tops List As DNC Chair Replacement – Caliphate Change...

Rep Keith Ellison, Tops List As DNC Chair Replacement – Caliphate Change Agent

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Demonstrating that their thick-headed adherence to the principles of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx are not tethered in any way to political realities, Democrats are looking to their most extreme figures as possible replacements for their corrupt and radical DNC leadership. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was exposed as an agent of the corrupt Hillary Clinton, as was interim Chairperson Donna Brazile.

On the heels of that corruption, exposed by a hero to freedom, Julian Assange through WikiLeaks, the Democrats are seeking leadership which might be less corrupt, or at least better at hiding it, but is much more radical, to the point of being anti-American by design. Any Democrat would be a threat to our Constitution and our Republic, but some threats are greater than others.

The reported leader of the pack of contenders is Minnesota Rep Keith Ellison, a black Muslim Democrat. Why not Louis Farrakhan, you might ask. While he is an unabashed America-hater, Calypso Louie’s getting up there in years and hasn’t announced, otherwise he’d surely be getting some consideration. Anybody with a big mouth, extreme, non-Christian views, who isn’t white would have to be considered as a leading contender.

Democrats aren’t willing to recognize that the American people don’t want our country to be a bigger version of Cuba. They’re still committed to the belief that a little more Castro is exactly what we need and that Bernie Sanders’ challenge to the status quo proves it. They refuse to recognize that it was the perceived sincerity of Sanders in contrast to the obvious lies and corruption of the Party favorites that was the major attraction. His communism packaged as admitted socialism was a novelty that enhanced his credibility.

The Muslim factor is now about to become an intrinsic part of the Democrat Party, which will, within a decade, become the Caliphate Party. It will happen as a result of a concerted pro-Islamic effort by their leadership and those moneyed interests they serve. While Ellison has not yet formally announced his candidacy, he has expressed interest and there are operatives working behind the scenes to make it happen. He’s already received the endorsement of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senator Elizabeth Warren and George Soros’ deep pockets and anti-America blessing through

Foaming mouthed former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean, who has held the job previously, is interested in holding it once again. He appears to be jockeying for position, announcing his interest on Thursday. Former Maryland Gov and presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is also considering a run as is retiring NY Rep Steve Israel. O’Malley will run for anything if it means there are cameras stuck in his face.

Politico reports the “Sanders’ political team has already mobilized around Ellison, encouraging its massive email list of supporters to back him, and progressive leaders around the country are heartened by his interest.”

They quoted party strategist Rebecca Katz as saying, “Ellison is an exciting choice. The contrast could not be more clear, and not just with Trump, but with the Democratic Establishment picks of the past.” That past was as recent as this week, when they thought their criminal was a lock for the White House.

The decision has likely already been made and it will be Ellison. That’s what Soros wants which means that’s what the Democrats will force upon their membership. Soros backs the caliphate in Europe and America, just as his puppets Obama, Kerry, Johnson and Lynch do. The Saudis will surely be in support from behind the scenes as will CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and other organization that have become prominent in American politics over the past eight years.

Ellison will provide the protection and the avenue for an expanded Muslim presence and promotion in the United States. It will be the obvious response by the pro-caliphate cadre to the Trump presidency. Everything else will be a smokescreen to make it look good to Democrats and the rest of the nation. The Muslim will get the nod, it’s already been given in private. This has that creepy, clammy feeling of the shenanigans that gave us Hussein Obama.

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