THE RELIGION OF SICKNESS: Watch As Muslim Kids Play ‘Suicide Bomber’

THE RELIGION OF SICKNESS: Watch As Muslim Kids Play ‘Suicide Bomber’





Children Playing Suicide Bomber Game..



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  1. Like algebra, astrolabe, astronomy, universities (first was Alhambra), present numeric system, women's suffrage (Islam has allowed women to own property and vote since its beginning), 60 minute hour, shall I continue?

  2. much have come from them just the children are innocent and with out blame !
    as far as Islam goes as any religion , any child that is made an escape goats so to speak for the means to an end is unjustifiable and bankrupt of any moral compose of that's human let alone faction of people !
    Also in refutable contradiction to those that claim , and I emphasize on claims that the Arabic world contributed to the cultivation if not establishment of most of the civilized world goes ! Ide like to point out the following that the Arabic world didn't create algebra or astronomy or university's or present numeric system! Thus the fact is that algebra was created by the Greeks and Astronomy as well as the Greeks , an the first university or oldest was in Cairo, Egypt or called Al-Azhar University. The present numeric system was indorsed by the Hindus, that came from India and thus the Arabic nations endorsed it ! Muslim women are allowed but under conditions but rarely ever do own land !
    my suggestions is for you stop trying to indorse Islam LET ALONE CONVERT ALL but instead indorse the truth instead of your obvious confounded bigotry !
    God bless and may you see the light one day LET ALONE THE TRUTH!

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