Real-Life Scarface Takes on Three Armed Burglars with AK-47

Real-Life Scarface Takes on Three Armed Burglars with AK-47




Step aside, Tony Montana. There’s a new machine gun-toting tough guy in the Miami area. And he may even have this Ohio business owner beat – at least in terms of drama.

According to NBC South Florida, three armed men broke into a man’s apartment in Davie, Florida on the evening of January 2. The man was not identified in the post, presumably for safety reasons.

Of course, they weren’t there for milk and cookies, so they pistol-whipped the man, perhaps to knock him out or at least intimidate him into playing ball. Instead, they became unwitting participants in a real-life version of Scarface.

Instead of cowering and pleading for his life, the man confronted the suspects. And he brought his little friend with him – an AK-47.

Care to guess what happened next? Amazingly, just like nearly every other time criminals face an armed victim, they fled as he fired upon them. One suspect was killed and the other two are on the run, as noted in the report.

Meanwhile, the man was treated for significant injuries and taken into custody for questioning. However, he has since been released and is cooperating with police.

So, an ordinary city dweller possibly saved his own life and certainly defended his property with an assault rifle. Just don’t tell this to President Obama. If you do, he might have to face the inconvenient reality that the vast majority of gun owners – including those evil yahoos who own assault rifles – are actually responsible citizens who merely want to protect themselves. See more