Obama nominee for Surgeon General says banning guns is part of medicine

Obama nominee for Surgeon General says banning guns is part of medicine



After being burned by his nomination of Debo Adegbile to head up the civil rights division at the Department of Justice, President Obama has jumped right back into the fray with another radical nominee, this time for Surgeon General.

But what makes Vivek Hallegere Murthy such a controversial choice for the post is not what you might expect. It’s not that he is a champion of late-term abortions (though he probably is) or believes in fully government-subsidized sex reassignment surgeries (though he probably does).

The problem with Murthy, rather, is his position on guns. Namely, he thinks one of the questions doctors should ask patients during a routine medical history is whether the person has any guns in his home.

Investors.com notes that Murthy, 36, is president and co-founder of Doctors for America, an anti-gun group that advocates making gun control a facet of the practice of medicine.

His group, which has been dubbed “Docs vs. Glocks,” has pushed Congress to ban “assault” weapons and “high-capacity” magazines.

He also wants to spend more tax dollars on more research to prove that fewer guns mean a lower crime rate, despite the fact that a number of reputable studies prove the opposite.

In a preliminary hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Sen. Lamar Alexander asked Murthy about his social media comments on firearms, such as a tweet before the 2012 presidential election that included the odd claim that “guns are a health care issue.”

Murthy’s Twitter timeline is full of his anti-firearms screeds. A tweet from December 2012 reads, “NRA press conference disappointing but predictable — blame everything in the world except guns for the Newtown tragedy. #wakeup.”

Like so many gun control zealots, Murthy ignores the fact that mass shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., occur in so-called gun-free zones where the only armed individual is the predator.

One especially troubling aspect of Murthy’s view that doctors should counsel their patients against exercising their Second Amendment rights is that such information entered into a patient’s private medical records would be available to the government under Obamacare.

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  2. It's absolutely amazing to me that Obama can actually find the least qualified people for all of his appointments. How the hell does he keep doing it?

  3. If my doctor asks me if I own guns, he will be told it us none of his business.

  4. First thing I thought when I saw the picture was .."omg he looks like he would like to surgically remove my infidel head, with a rusty dull butcher knife"!! .. Creepy looking f-er

  5. Vivek Murthy was born in Britain, of Indian parents, and they moved to Miami when he was an infant. He is a liberal socialist, anti-gun and ObamaCare advocating doctor, else President Obama would not have nominated him. Like Obama, he's a Harvard grad, got his MD from Yale, along with an MBA as a Paul Soros Fellow (George's brother). But, he is not a Muslim, an Arab or a jihadi. The problems with Murthy – like Obama – are ideological, not religious.

  6. Looks like another muslim to me. Obama wants to unarm citizens cut the military and leave America defenceless so the muslims can just walk in and take over Wake up America………

  7. Looks like another muslim to me. Obama wants to unarm citizens cut the military and leave America defenceless so the muslims can just walk in and take over Wake up America………

  8. He certainly shouldn't be a British citizen. CAN WE GET AN AMERICAN CITIZEN FOR THIS GOVERNMENT JOB?

  9. Tina Marie Morrow – couple things. 1- I did research. nothing definitive on his citizenship has ever been reported. Calling him an Indian American in an article does not tell me what year he became a citizen, being in the states doesn't automatically make you a citizen, ask 15 million illegal Mexicans.. 2- 138 million Indians are muslim. Islam is a religion, not a race. My primary care doc is both indian and muslim.

  10. I was, by my VA doctor at my last checkup.
    As well as do I have stress, suffer from bouts with depression, take any mood altering medications.
    They are going to use medical records and physiological profiles to deny you your rights.
    Just like they used to imprison folks in the Soviet Union.

  11. Why don't they just appt. A premed student. At 35 the man does not have the experience to be surgeons general.

  12. This is a Hindu from India …What the hell is a foreigner telling us how to run our country..expell all hindu's back to India with their rat gods!

  13. There is seething called HIPPA. Medical records re protected. And, like abuse, it is a health danger. Counseling is not the same prohibiting. Tell me again how GOTP are not racist.

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