Obama Negotiates – China Agrees To Allow America To Self-Destruct On Climate,...

Obama Negotiates – China Agrees To Allow America To Self-Destruct On Climate, They’ll Get Back To Us Later, Maybe 2017


Hussein Obama likes to draw attention to the common interests of his illicit criminal regime and that of the communist Chinese. It’s something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by many Americans, and while a mutual  appreciation for the writings of Hillary Clinton is a great conversation starter, many differences still remain. After all, the Chinese are building real energy capacity, with something along the line of one new coal-fired power plant every week, they’re intensely nationalistic, they’re expanding their military capabilities and geographic influence, as Donald Trump reminds us, they’re not idiots.

Many of the similarities are superficial as well, including their reported willingness to sign on to and participate in the phony scam of manmade climate change. Hussein Obama loves to use the threat of impending Chinese supremacy as a tool to terrify the American people into foolhardy, knee-jerk reactions consistent with his regime’s agenda.

His top priority right now is manipulating the American people into submission to the United Nations and in that effort he’s once again bringing out the Chinese Boogeyman, who is this time emitting carbon from underneath our beds.

According to The Hill, Hussein Obama and China’s President Xi Jinping announced on Friday their commitment to reaching an international agreement on climate change later this year. A cap and trade system scheme was also reported to be due from China by 2017.  There’s nothing like some old fashioned profiteering and skimming to help out a failing planet. How fortunate for the world’s corrupt officials that there happens to be a climate summit scheduled for December. All of this government trickery can be incorporated into secret deals and the people won’t know what hit them until they’re wearing shackles marked “property of UN.”

It must be legitimate, Obama would have us believe, because the communist Chinese are in on the scheme, and they would never do anything to enslave or harm their people. They’re communists, so whatever they do is pure and in the interest of the “common good.” It’s those evil capitalists we need to watch out for.

Supposedly China is preparing for the someday that never comes, by planning a whole new set of policies to address “global climate warming change,” including joining with other state mobsters, like the Obama regime in imposing global life taxes under cap and trade schemes.

They are, Obama would have us believe, willing to scrap all of that money they are now investing on a weekly basis in new coal-fired power plants and the associated economic development and prosperity because they are concerned about an imaginary problem. When did liberals take over China? You’d think if they were serious they’d stop power plant construction and save themselves the money. Aren’t Chinese supposed to be great thinkers? This isn’t that tough. What would Confucius do?

Answering “Yes, you should,” to that question your mom used to ask about whether you’d jump off a building just because your friend Wang did, Obama said, “When the world’s two biggest economies, energy consumers and carbon emitters come together like this, then there’s no reason for other countries, either developed or developing, to not do so as well.” He driveled the ridiculous nonsense from the Bergdahl Rose Garden on Friday in a joint conference with Chinese President Xi, or eleven, when converted from Roman numerals.

Of course the two largest economies aren’t agreeing, at least not their captive citizenries. One, under communist pressure from their dictator, is imposing a totalitarian system over the opposition of its people. The other, China, is merely going with the fraudulent American ‘president’ because there’s something in it for them. There’s cash, military technology, Alaska, our national parks, something is being offered by the corrupt occupant of the White House in exchange for the illusion that China is providing.

China announced that it was going to contribute $3 billion to finance developing countries, which they will then have an interest in, an entry fee. It provides them with a legitimate premise under which to involve themselves in their internal affairs, under the guise of helping them adapt to the unchanged changing climate.

That’s roughly the same $3 billion Obama announced we were giving to the “Green Climate Fund” at the G-20 in Australia last November, money they may now be using as climate capital, providing the appearance of near-unanimous idiocy in the purchase of Emperor Obama’s new clothes while having no actual “skin in the game.”

Ever the politician reinforcing the lie, Obama said, “The historic climate change announcement we made last year in Beijing has encouraged other countries to step up as well, increasing the prospects for a stronger global agreement this year.”

Look, Wang just jumped; no wait, come back, not really.

I’m Rick Wells – a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us & www.truthburgers.com.



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