Obama to Force Military Families Away From Tricare …By Tripling Their Fees.

Obama to Force Military Families Away From Tricare …By Tripling Their Fees.



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President Barack Obama has said on multiple occasions that he stands by the troops, and lauds their selflessness in fighting the Iraq war and the conflict in Afghanistan. During a time when our bravest in uniform have been in a state of war for more than a decade, one would think that our fearless leaders should reward their efforts by making life a bit easier at home.

Instead, Obama simply insists on tripling their fees on the military health insurance program called Tricare.

What is the administration’s reasoning on this? Well, they actually admit that Obama would rather the troops partake in ‘alternatives’ that were established in the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare). In a report from the FreeBeacon.com, Bill Gertz states:

Administration officials told Congress that one goal of the increased fees is to force military retirees to reduce their involvement in Tricare and eventually opt out of the program in favor of alternatives established by the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.”

This is quite a telling move by the Obama administration, due to the transparency in a letter written to congress, as the FreeBeacon.com further reports:

The Administration is disappointed that the Congress did not incorporate the requested TRICARE fee initiatives into either the appropriation or authorization legislation,” the White House wrote in an official policy statement expressing opposition to the bill, which the House approved in May.”

So, what are these ‘fee initiatives’? The Bill Gertz goes on to say,

Significantly, the plan calls for increases between 30 percent to 78 percent in Tricare annual premiums for the first year. After that, the plan will impose five-year increases ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent—more than 3 times current levels.

According to congressional assessments, a retired Army colonel with a family currently paying $460 a year for health care will pay $2,048.

The new plan hits active duty personnel by increasing co-payments for pharmaceuticals and eliminating incentives for using generic drugs.”

Essentially, Barack Hussein Obama would rather force military families to partake in Obamacare welfare-backed programs rather than using Tricare, and he had hoped to do this by tripling their premiums in just 5 years.

All the while, the report states that Obama leaves his true friends, the ‘unionized civilian defense workers’, unscathed by tax and premium hikes:

The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched. The proposal is causing a major rift within the Pentagon, according to U.S. officials. Several congressional aides suggested the move is designed to increase the enrollment in Obamacare’s state-run insurance exchanges.

The disparity in treatment between civilian and uniformed personnel is causing a backlash within the military that could undermine recruitment and retention.”

The sad part of this tale is that Barack Obama clearly has no loyalty to his country, his ‘friends’, and most certainly the troops that would carry out his commands without question for the love of their home. It is clearly only profit and power that pulls him out of bed in the morning, and lulls him to sleep at night. How so?

We already know that upon the passage of Obamacare that the market reacted by tanking 1%, while certain public sector insurance companies, hospital firms, and pharmaceutical manufacturers significantly increased in share prices. We already know from leaked Pfizer lobbyist memos that they were going to pledge $80 billion to Obama’s reelection efforts if he were to pass the ACA. So, essentially, the fact that Obama’s action of forcing military families away from Tricare and towards these public sector insurance ‘alternatives’, shows who he really serves. …just a hint, it’s not you or anyone in the military.

That’s correct, he serves the unionized defense contractors (as long as they serve him in return), and he serves public sector companies and Wall Street-owned major medical companies, like Pfizer (also… as long as they serve him in return).

In the closing, Patricia Campion of Yahoo News writes these insightful words:

As commander-in-chief, I want every veteran to know that America will always honor your service and your sacrifice — not just today, but every day,” the president said in November. “And just as you fought for us, we’re going to keep fighting for you — for more jobs, for more security, for the opportunity to keep your families strong and America competitive in the 21st century.”

Of course, he forgot to warn them he was about to kick their existing health care insurance plan so far out of reach that they’d be forced to grab the plan that 53 percent of Americans want repealed for survival.”

Thanks for selling our bravest down the river, Mr. President …you’re a great guy



  1. Why doesn't the military take this Marxist traitor bastard into custody ???!!!!!!

  2. who would have thought that Obamacare would be a complete the disaster? Oh that's right. Everyone knew it. Including Obama. By design

  3. My father died because Medicare and Champus couldn't agree on who was responsible for his medical bills. He never trusted Tri-Care, so he didn't switch. They argued and fought until he died, then said "oh, sorry." This was a year after Obamacare was crammed down our throats. When he signed up for the Air Force, his contract promised that he would receive FREE HEALTH CARE FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE, if he served at least 20 years honorably. He did. The liberals broke their contract and basically said "tough, you can't sue us, we're the government." And he died.

  4. I am a retired military veteran. Why not a military coop and take over this atrocity like other countries have. Enough is enough!

  5. We need to go back to retirees getting their medical care free. It is complete crap that 20+ years of service is getting screwed in such a way. As if I needed another reason to loathe this reprehensible president.

  6. God forbid if this is true and comes to light. Many Veterans will rain hell down upon this administration. This infuriates me.

  7. Scott Haimowitz , I am sorry what happened to your father. My husband retired Navy Senior Chief and I have been fighting to try to save what coverage we have for more than a year now. The rules just keep changing.

  8. This at least partially true. We live in the Midwest and my husband is retired military. Our Tricare was cancelled here. We now have what used to be Champus and our costs are up from $12.00 copays to 20 to 25% of what the providers charge. There was a promise made when he enlisted in the 70's that he and his spouse(me) would have free health care for life. Yeah, right.

  9. My husband was retired AF and was also "promised" free healthcare for life. That lasted about 7 years and then they put us on Champus and then Tricare. He passed away in 2011 from the effects of Agent Orange. Now the government has changed my Tricare from an HMO to a PPO which means I have to pay 20% of all medical cost. I DON'T HAVE 20%!!! I am sure anytime now I will receive a letter saying Tricare is no longer available and my only option is obammynotcare!!!

  10. Me too! My only option I was told was to move next to a military base and they would reenact my tricare. Which means I would have to sell my house (good luck) and quit my job. Uproot my whole life just to get healthcare.

  11. Doug Rohl Why armed? Unless your going with plans to use it then you might as well leave it at home. Now if your talking about taking Obama in custody or use force to remove him from office then I can see being heavily armed. However, before heading out on a suicide mission I would recommend we follow the rule of law, the US Constitution, and demand our congress to impeach him.

  12. well I am glad congress didn't fall for it, but your all right we do need to take a stand

  13. Its still cheaper than what the middle class who are getting screwed by the govt by thousands. Id love to have 2500 a year ins….out here its 5 times that. …I know most won't like what I say but they should pay too just like the rest of the taxpayer. ..and yes my hubby is a vet

  14. I promise you this, you jack with us anymore and you will pay the price, not just the POTUS but Congress as well…I did not die defending my country at war in my 22 years but I would be happy to put my life on the line for my fellow veterans, that's a promise you POS…Got Rope?

  15. A moving and well written post, sorry for your loss and I honor your Fathers memory as I do mine. Dad passed away way before this abomination as did Mom but I know that he would have some very choice words for it and it's sponser. So I carry on as a vet and speak those words for him…Obama you lying low life POS…a curse on you

  16. A moving and well written post, sorry for your loss and I honor your Fathers memory as I do mine. Dad passed away way before this abomination as did Mom but I know that he would have some very choice words for it and it's sponser. So I carry on as a vet and speak those words for him…Obama you lying low life POS…a curse on you

  17. A moving and well written post, sorry for your loss and I honor your Fathers memory as I do mine. Dad passed away way before this abomination as did Mom but I know that he would have some very choice words for it and it's sponser. So I carry on as a vet and speak those words for him…Obama you lying low life POS…a curse on you

  18. Not free…prepaid–through decades of surrendering personal freedoms and safety to the common good.

  19. Then you and your hubby should be first in line to protest this. The "rest of the taxpayers" share one big difference from your hubby: they haven't EARNED their coverage. If hubby did his 20, he has. And this comes from a vet, and a TriCare employee.

  20. Suits me, Bill! More than ready here! This son of a bitch is ruining this country!

  21. There needs to be more visibility of veterans who are against any further legislation. Organize and march.

  22. Obama is a asshole, scumbag piece of shit…This worthless ass needs to be impeached and imprisoned……

  23. This "free health care forever" was unfortunately one of those verbal promises made to recruits. Unfortunately, it was never in writing, not that that would make any difference with this president (the lower case was intentional).

  24. I truly appreciate all that served in the military, but respectfully, citing the article, a retired Army colonel will increase from $460 a year to $2048 a year, a retired colonell makes + or – $90,000 a year, now I make about half that andI my company provided insurance costs me about $4000 a year…just saying

  25. Gary Randall We have a democratic majority run Congress and they care NOTHING about our constitution! There needs to be a revolution in this country and not just by retired military!!! March on…We need to take OUR country back!

  26. I do not want to have to pay for Obama care, I had a signed contract that guaranteed free medical for my family and me with 20 years of service, I also am a 100% disabled VET, so is he going to take away the care I get from the VA also or make me pay for it, along with everyone else, sorry you were blown up serving your country, here is your bill!!!! What a real piece of work!!!!!

  27. I can't believe anyone was dumb enough to believe this communist pimp, from Chicago and a corrupt democrat and the communist party. This bastard wants us dead and you are an idiot if you think anything else. It wasn't enough this damn liar and commie pig, had to show no birth certificate, his college transcripts, why he and his old lady were barred from practicing law, his communist and socialist ties, not to mention the out right racist Obama and Holder. Let's see a white K.K.K. idiots stand outside of a polling place or put a bounty on a man's head.. If Obama was any other half black man, he couldn't have passed a security clearance to clean toilets in Washington. Let's take this nation back from the corrupt democrats, the communist, the black K.K.K., the feminazi's, the baby killers, the anti-American's, the perverts, and murderers and protected child molesters. You can tell liberals are in charge. Coincidentally, the above mentioned groups, all belong and back the radical left wing communist democrats.

  28. I am outraged widow at this as Tricare is the only benefit I have for my husbands 20 years of service. We need to be given this benefit at current levels!

  29. Linda DaSilva My dad is retired Navy. He's been switched to Medicare due to his age, my mom was kicked off Tricare Prime and moved down to Tricare Standard as of Oct. 1. She is a two time cancer survivor the most recent being 2 years ago, she requires close monitoring. This downgrade to Standard ensures they pay much, much more out of pocket than they did with Prime. It disgusts me that Obama kicks our military and veterans in the teeth every chance he gets. My husband is also retired military and fear what may be coming down the pike for us in the next few years.

  30. Bill Holland III, is that something that actually could be done? I don't mean man power or weapons. I had heard that it was unConstitutional for a Coup de tat, but by not doing anything, that is unConstitutional too. What now?

  31. I've been afraid this would happen as I get closer to retiring. For folks that stay in the National Guard 20+ years Tricare is the only decent benefit we get for it! That's one of the main reasons most of us stay. Without Tricare my uncle, retired Marine, would have gone bankrupt treating his cancer 5 years ago. Tricare took care of him and today he is cancer free and didn't go bankrupt treating it thanks to the military honoring their contract.

  32. This president is a disgrace to this country and I think the American people should get together and start a revolution. Honest working Americans vs this

  33. I am with you all. An Air Force "brat" for 18 years and an Army wife for 22 I supported my country indirectly. I have watched this country demand more from our military personal and in return have taken more and more of the return benefits for giving up their personal lives to be at the neck and call of our country to the extent of giving up their lives. Let me know how to help get back our country as it was envisioned by our founding fathers.

  34. Don't have to worry about Tricare Prime, mine was cancelled starting Oct 1, now I have to use Tricare Standard, where I have a deductible, and a 20% co-pay on all medical expenses, something I really needed since I am now retired, and have come down with diabetes. If you want impeachment, just tell me and I will sign the paper, but also we have to go at the supreme court for they approved it.

  35. As a 26 yr Air Force vet, I simply ask, how are you voting and have you contacted your state and federal law-makers, letting them know if they side with this country destruction plan – you will not vote them back into office?

    You can watch movies with this same story line…end result is to burden the country and it's people financially so they fail, all the time there is another plan to be in-acted. People, you are living the movie, wake up and smell the coffee, this isn't a dream.

  36. Gary, are you talking about the same president and the same congrress who change the laws to meet their needs
    and constantly ignore the constitution?

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  61. It just continues to get worse and worse….. How in the world did this scumbag ever get re-elected?

  62. When washington waunts to impliment their own agenda and need more finances .they use the military and military retires as their escape goats that is where they go to advance their agenda through cutting military programs or doing away with them altogether.

  63. Not believing in God does not remove Him from existence. It just leaves a person lost from His love…

  64. Sounds like conspiracy to commit treason. If I am not mistaken, the punishment prescribed for a post like this is death. If the death sentence is not levied, a minimum 5 year term plus $10k fine up to life imprisonment become the sentencing guidelines. I believe that forfeiture of military retirement benefits is an added side-effect. You might want to consider removal of this post. The first amendment does not protect treasonous speech.

  65. Patrick J Sherlock Agreed with some parts of what you are saying. Here is my response. What was it called when our Founding Fathers stood up to the King of England with the Declaration of Independence? Had that not worked and we lost, they would have been hanged.

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  67. Linda Mitchell you do know that it states in the Declaration of Independence that it is our right, it is our duty to throw off a government that is not working for the people right? We are suppose to stand up and fight against this SOCIALIST DICTATOR TERRORIST!

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  72. これらの時計は、正式な場合に確認のための多くの設定、またはどこでも今すぐそれらを取る、風雅な一見があると仮定すると多分カジュアルで元気です。エベル時計、その古代のシンプルな向上と信頼性の職人に焦点を当てる。1911 年のエベル会社既にされて男性と女性の時計をつくることを持っている時代を超越したデザイン要素ラウンド加えて、心、金正方形だけ鋼原料と冒険的なタイプの番号傾向があります。

  73. 宅地過半数木は論文を生産するようにカットされています。そうおよび代替のオファー紙セットの適用を交換するためと考える。ポリプロピレントートとチェロバッグは良い救済策です。ポリプロピレンのアイテムに関連付けられている利点は、その詳細とマルチユーティリティです。'Bagvertisingする'印刷車のブランドを実現用語であるにもかかわらず、あなたが顧客に引き渡すというリストバッグ。これらのバッグは、あなたのブランドを保持することができますので、プロモーションとして使用することができます。このようなバッグはどのくらいの速貿易財の付加食品中に似た各種の製品と素晴らしいアイテムのために保管するとして使用することができます。
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  74. 果物、要因、焼きたての糧、グッズなどを満員しこのポリプロピレンのキャディーに入力することができます。誰もきちんとして明確なステッカーを愛しています。あなたはセロファン リュックサックの下で行われていますを参照してくださいに驚かれることでしょう。セロハン袋カバー再生セルロース。空気、オイル、グリース、および任意パッケージ対処するモバイル最適です細菌を撃退プロパティ サポートをカバーしています。値が 50 ドル、1 週間に 1 カ月約 $5 をすることができます、どちらかそれは (これがありますどこでも $1000 を超える 500 ドルから) 1 つを購入するよりもはるかに少ない高価なファッションします。距離で切り替えることができます何があなたが何を買うと比較した場合の賃借について良いハンドバッグ、ジュエリー、として定期的に。従ってプラスチックを禁止するつもりがあった。内側にプラスチック太陽電池の袋を来た。あなたの利点に大きな紙袋は造られました。彼らは、よく以来既にリサイクルです。しかし、難易度製造が企図された事実にもかかわらず来た。

  75. プラダ トートバッグ昔を覚えていますか?煙または暗い色付き超発光ラムスキン洗練されたオニキス トーン ガーデニングとカーフスキンと提携して最小化が組み込まれています。小さな銀の貴重な金属のスタッドのストラップとして、トリムのほとんどを飾る。このハード トートバッグほとんど確実すべての衣装を明るきます。スタッズ バッグは、最も人気のある傾向、プラダと同様のように関連付けられている項目プラダ Craquele 体を打つ彼らの顧客を発表した秋です。スタッズ付きレザー ベース トリム ハンドルと一緒に装備のスマートで、よく構造化されたバッグです。ヒッピーはでなく、すべての滑らかな形状は、それどちらか魚のタンクまたはセミフォーマルの服を収容する完璧なアクセサリーを作るように革を傷つけます。それはこのプラダ トートバッグは汎用性の高い雷 7 ins ドロップほとんど本当に不可欠であるインチ ドロップと肘の取り外し可能なストラップは言うデュアル、両方強調チャンス ゴールド メンズ カフス。

  76. 小さなステンレス製スタッドを飾る最も重要なトリムとストラップがあります。この印象的なトートバッグが明るくさらに古い保証任意のスーツ。スタッズ バッグ秋の最も人気のあるトレンドは、プラダの発行およびその場所での印象的な製品販売プラダ Craquele 長距離を発表しました。それは華麗である、散りばめられた天然皮革とよく構造化されたトートバッグ トリム非常に処理します。完璧なアクセサリーにアマチュアまたはセミフォーマルな目的でしたヒッピー困難革素敵な滑らかな形状の変換。このプラダ バックパックは、偉大な汎用性の高い豊富でデュアル インチ ドロップ数を管理し、取り外し可能な肩関節ストラップに関連 7 インチ幅ドロップ両方は絶対にない金のカフスボタンを強調しています。

  77. すべての衆生の利点と多くの外見上生きている問題のためか意識しております Illuminatus、正確な自己。オルド ルシファーをビルドで提示することがあります我々 は見つける我々 が真に対応しています。最終的な思考:、Ordo ルシファーは、実際には世界、哲学で magickal 物理的、感情的、多くの場合は精神的な量存在と様々 なヒントやアプリケーションを引き起こしている善意の個人の高いお勧めします。

  78. プラダ トートバッグ昔を覚えていますか?煙または暗い色付き超発光ラムスキン洗練されたオニキス トーン ガーデニングとカーフスキンと提携して最小化が組み込まれています。小さな銀の貴重な金属のスタッドのストラップとして、トリムのほとんどを飾る。このハード トートバッグほとんど確実すべての衣装を明るきます。スタッズ バッグは、最も人気のある傾向、プラダと同様のように関連付けられている項目プラダ Craquele 体を打つ彼らの顧客を発表した秋です。スタッズ付きレザー ベース トリム ハンドルと一緒に装備のスマートで、よく構造化されたバッグです。ヒッピーはでなく、すべての滑らかな形状は、それどちらか魚のタンクまたはセミフォーマルの服を収容する完璧なアクセサリーを作るように革を傷つけます。それはこのプラダ トートバッグは汎用性の高い雷 7 ins ドロップほとんど本当に不可欠であるインチ ドロップと肘の取り外し可能なストラップは言うデュアル、両方強調チャンス ゴールド メンズ カフス。

  79. 。ルイ ・ ヴィトン モノグラム オデオン GM は、ご存知のように、体を単なる機器上には多くの場合第 10 を持っています。用語、および皆は適切な知識をコーチするそれにもかかわらず人間の遠い許可値を選択します。性器ヘルペスは、最も挑戦的な成文化された表現の章をオフに与えるできる現在、自動的にタスク選択を運ぶ。
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  81. プラスチックの安全と完全なそのシンプルなデザインは、この時点の時計での目的は、これが日本のレタリングの解釈が含まれていますストラップはもちろん、任意の文字盤のために大胆な色とSuperdryのロゴ内にある。Superdryのは、周りのラベルがクールなだけではありですが、それは多数のフォームパーソナリティに関連するユニークな結果として時代を超越スタイルのエッジを提供するため、愛されています。

  82. 簡単に簡単です、かどうか刺激または支持、機能、携帯電話のポケットと追加のインテリア、独自の用途ラムスキン牛革に少ない結婚式バンドの革リムーバブル本当にないを判断できます。さらに、それはまた推薦への他の類似したエマルジョン内に沿って在庫の多くについてのあなたを通知します。大きい手の機能に関する広範な製品形態および様式ランプを止められない設定サイズを合計します。ヴィンテージとして古典的な正方形をオフにあなたのすべて-受け入れにもかかわらず特定の場所を見つけます。クリックするだけ魅力的なの作成と言う、おなじみのルイ ・ ヴィトン キャリア ‘スピーディ’ と相まって見よ実績のスタイル、色、サイズ、構造、パターン、正確な材料、ボート、ポケット、グラフィック デザイン、革を含む配置について様々 な仕様と、金属カット、スナップ多大な。

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  87. 靴は、あなたは低トレーニング セッションに属する可能性があります混乱を排除とまだ、彼らは「特別な」味のアップグレードの役割を果たすだろうと彼らの内容の結果としてレベル魅力的なは高い条件。もファッショナブルで快適性を組み込むことを考えてするように頼むか。なんで、今でもはいが必要な場合を準備する靴を考えることができます。それは大抵ちょうどこのグッチが認識され、有名な製造の一流の靴で彼はさらに、あなたのニーズの靴の購入権限を着用者の社会的地位を高めることの徴候に会う。夢中になる当事者についてますます起こる人々 だけ自身の味の高品質の開発のための古典的な専門家の 1 つのペア必要があります。

  88. 場合に関係なくよ役立つ o se の EBay に完全に何かヨ正しく阿蘇 peiodicay を求められる場合よ wod 尿酸結晶に署名する ike fo、はるかに多く Paypa accont Sti、実際 GM 15 ない多くは 3階萌えこと yoe パティッツァ abot の mateia、本当に、pobem !。私はこれらの男性は、詳細な悪くはない前に言ったように、彼らは単にいくつか育ってないし、おそらくそれらの方法、それを示すためにあなたを必要とするかもしれません。ただその中で、むしろそうマッデンを見て、極端にお母さん愛する以上そのチャーターヨットを優先。あなたは時間がそれらを考慮していくつかの男性を避けることが非常に重要な関係のために知っておく必要があり女性はロマンチックな関係に計画されていません。

  89. 私たちが扱う難しさを持っているものが常にあります。いいえ私たちはまた、特にすべてについて知られているすべてを含む 'フレーム'を含む。あなたはそれがオープンエア我々の独自の '枠'にあるのは常に損なわスポット(scatomasと呼ばれる)を見つけることができます。そして、これはまた、あなたの真であるすべての人々の個人を言うことはできません。我々の機能を実行するために、私たちは人々から私たち自身の才能、アイデア、スキル、経験、視点、およびしかし積極的に流行で、これらのポイントを与えることを、一度に、求められています。

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  100. Brian Dewar McNamara It was also called treason, and many hanged for it. Our founding fathers (mostly) kept their public speech to broad generalized concepts such as calling George III a tyrant, voicing opposition to the stamp act, and the broad general concept of American Independence until after the declaration was signed. Note that any of those opinions could have been deemed treasonous, but weren't. In this case, the boundary of free speech was just hopscotched over; right into the territory of blatant treason. This wouldn't have been wise then and probably isn't today.

  101. Nanci Alley If he is really "retired" then no. Rank is retained upon retirement. That is where this post could really run afoul for him. It could also be dicey for anyone who has ever served in the Marines.

  102. This article is not true, Obama raised the cost 2 years ago! It is now almost $600.00 a year! God is there ANYTHING THAT THIS MAN WILL NOT LIE ABOUT?

  103. Yep, this is down right against what America stands for!! My husband is retired military & our family receives benefits from Tricare.. Makes me sick to my stomach to think we live in a country that's supposed to be based on principles of having "freedom".. when this man comes in and takes our rights away by FORCING us into his Obamacare crap!!?? I won't bow down!! NOT TODAY!!!

  104. Scott Haimowitz So very sad and UNJUST! So . . . Obummer is breaking promises that he didn't even make . . . promises that were made to your father YEARS ago, by our government! HE THINKS HE IS OUR DICTATOR! He needs to be PROSECUTED!!!

  105. Is he a retired vet? There is a difference! Not just stayed in for one enlistment? My husband retired after 24 years in the Army, served in Vietnam (1969) and Operation Desert Storm (1991) retired in 1993!

  106. My husband get $1,600.00 a month from retirement. Subtract our house payment of $1,300.00 a month, $300.00 is what is left over! Just saying, how much can you do on $300.00 per month?

  107. Gary Randall You say "follow the rule of law . . . and The Constitution" . . . well, according to The Constitution, they would have the right to "Bear Arms." And, I agree with Frances Chute Quinn, that we (NUMEROUS patriotic legal groups) have already brought Impeachment charges against him. The Administration OWNS most of the courts, now, and these proceedings are being tossed out. PLUS . . . does our wonderful Commander-in-Chief, President abide by The Constitution? I respect you and your opinion. Do you have a precise method for "GETTING OBAMA OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE?" I, honestly would like to know what it is.

  108. Not the liberals…the government…and it happened way before Obama was even on the map. I'm a Navy retiree and was paying around $450 a year for tricare coverage back in 1998. When I joined the navy in '78 I was told that my medical care would be free for life if I served 20 years. I did serve 20 years, and my medical care as a retiree was not free as promised. So…please get your facts straight and stop blaming "liberal" for all of the world's ills.

  109. By looking at your picture, I would guess with reasonable certainty that you did not have a signed contract for free medical from the military for 20 years active service. This has been settled in court that anyone entering service after 1956, did not have this benefit promised to them by the government regardless of what they were promised by recuiters.

  110. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such fantastic information being shared freely out there.

  111. Scott Haimowitz I am sick. My son is in the military and as a sgt I know he can't afford his premiums to be doubled or tripled. I am so sorry for your dad. We appreciate his service more than you might know.

  112. He needs to be treated like Saddam Hussein. He is killing America and its military! He needs to be taken out!

  113. His plan for change is becoming a reality for the people of the United States. He is a very good orator, but his plan for change is to destroy this country. His idea of change is "No America". He believes that America has had it too good for too long and it's time for Americans to see what it feels to live as they do in under-developed countries. All the while sticking Americans with $1.4 billion a year for his parties, vacations, golf, staff and seeing the world. What a hypocrite.

  114. You know, i think he has a different goal in mind. for every person in the military or is thinking of joining the military to just go awol or not join. then our country will be left defenseless for all his muslim friends to come take over our Country much easier. the best senario in this situation is just to get rid of him and all his little cronies in Washington, by force if necessary, and to take our Country back. There are too many people in his country who voted for Nobama because they didn't want people to think they are racist. i did not vote for him because of his race, i didn't vote for him because i could see the devil in his eyes in every picture or every time he talked. he talked like he was above us Americans, he acted like he was above us Americans and if you go look back at many of the pictures of him, he has that smug, almighty look about him that says, yes i will become President and i will destroy you, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Now, here we are. a man in the highest power of our country, that i believe, hates America just as much as his muslim brotherhood and so far he is right on track to take over America. Now i don't care what color the person is that runs this country. he could be purple for all i care. i just want to know that he Loves America and is going to do whatever it is to make this the greatest Nation in the world. The guy we have now, doesn't! He should be impeached or run out, tarred and feathered, back to wherever it is he come from.

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