No Border Obama Tells Illegals “Hurry, Get In Quick” With Processing Push

No Border Obama Tells Illegals “Hurry, Get In Quick” With Processing Push


The invaders from south of the Border know that they need to get while the gettin’s good. Once January 20th rolls around they’re not going to be able to waltz into America as they currently do under the pretend ‘president.’ The push for fundamental transformation of America into a microcosm of the world ends on that day and so does the campiagn for fundamental transformation through population replacement. Soon, under Donald Trump, America will be a country again, one possessing the associated borders that all real countries have.

A mad dash is being made for the border that is spiking already elevated levels of intrusion. The Obama regime recognizes that time is short as well, time available for them to force upon the American people the social and financial burdens of importing a dependent class of foreigners. Obama has responded to the increase in traffic in South Texas by removing agents from patrolling the border in Arizona, California and elsewhere and reassigning them to the Rio Grande Valley. Agents will be pulled from another section of Texas as well.

It’s important to note the stated purpose of the redeployment of American forces. The reinforcements from Tucson and San Diego will not be repelling intruders, they will be inducting them, processing them into Obama’s “illegal alien protection program.” They will be embraced as asylum seekers, refugees, whatever type of label the regime has figured out to use as a false pretext for not doing their job and not protecting the United States. Homeland “Security” under Obama and Jihadi Jeh Johnson means attacking our nation from within.

The redeployment is more of the same perverted policies that celebrated having Customs and Border Protection agents baking birthday cakes and changing diapers rather than doing the jobs they were hired to do in the defense of our nation.

The Star-Telegram of Ft. Worth, TX, describes the urgent need that led to the reassignments as “assist with screening and processing ‘immigrants’ taken into custody along the border, many of whom are unaccompanied children and families.” They also complained that “Leaders in the city of McAllen said they’re ‘struggling to provide services'” during a record volume month of October in which they handled more than 5,600 individuals.

There is no indication that actual border enforcement operations will be conducted. That is no longer their job function under this criminal regime. They are being deployed to facilitate and participate in the violation of the law by this criminal administration. It’s an insult and affront to every one of the patriotic border agents who swore an oath to defend this nation. Unlike Hussein Obama and Jeh Johnson, their oaths and the sovereignty and security of the United States mean something to them.

January 20th can’t come soon enough.

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