Muslims Murdering Christians, Draining and Bottling Their Blood and Selling to Saudi...

Muslims Murdering Christians, Draining and Bottling Their Blood and Selling to Saudi Arabia for $100,000 Per Vial for Consumption



By, Theodore Shoebat |

h4>A nun in Germany has recently done a presentation in a conference of an independent investigation she conducted of the treatment of Christians in Syria under the hands of Muslim fundamentalists. She revealed that Muslims are butchering Christians, draining their blood in bottles, and selling each bottle for $100,000 to Muslims in Saudi Arabia who take it to wash their hands in Christian blood, with the belief that it atones for their sins.


Truly, Saudi Arabia is that “woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” (Revelation 17:6), and the kings of the earth are fornicating with her, trading with this harlot the wine (oil) for the obliteration of the saints.

In this video, you will witness some of the most horrific accounts of persecution.



  1. This smells like total Bull Crap. Same libel has been used on Jews for centuries. This is a disgusting libel. FALSE.

  2. While I doubt the selling of christian blood, at least for that price, the torture and killing of christians happens all over the world on a daily basis, and is rarely shared by main stream media because it does not help with ratings and is to disturbing for many to believe.

  3. why dont I sell them my blood in a vial…. send me the check…ill take 100k per shot… woot!

  4. WOW ……. I mean WOW ! not much shocks me but this did !
    who would have ever think such things and not sure I do that this is legit ????
    If so I better worry about my last roommate killing me for my blood !?!? 🙁
    yet I loved and love him still ! ugh
    but maybe he wants my blood to wash his hands in or consume it ?:( ugh
    I think this story is false , or hope it is !?!?

  5. Great idea! The way that they hate gay's,why not sell them the blood of hiv infected gay's.Money for research and the death of these animals! works for me!

  6. Too horrendous to be true but it is true , I saw the video muslim playing soccer ball with heads of Christians they murdered.

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