The Muslim Brotherhood inside the IRS: The Al Qaeda Secret Files!

The Muslim Brotherhood inside the IRS: The Al Qaeda Secret Files!




By Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

It’s not  enough that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government and our fraudulent president  Hussein Obama is a Muslim sympathizer or could be a Muslim terrorist working for the other side, but news has recently come out that Al-Qaeda may be inside the IRS. No one has yet to investigate the corruption and scandalous actions by the IRS in their targeting of conservatives and Tea Party groups.

Via WJ Western Journalism comes a shocking story that Al Qaeda has operatives working in the IRS. Al Qaeda Spy and convicted felon Weiss Russell is employed as a financial Management Analyst under the IRS Deputy Chief Financial Officer (as reported by Patrick Poole of PJ Media). Mr. Weiss Russell has changed his name to Weiss Rasool – an old tactic he must have learned from Barry Soetoro AKA Hussein Obama. As a policeman, Russell used his access to NCIC (National Crime Information Center) to tip off a terrorist suspect, which destroyed an FBI investigation at the time.

PJ Media reports:

“According to the Justice Department’s Statement of Facts filed at the time of Russell’s indictment, Alnoshan provided license plate numbers to Russell for cars he believed were conducting surveillance on him. Russell then checked those plate numbers in the FBI’s NCIC database, which came back to a leasing company which federal prosecutors claimed would have tipped off Russell to the bureau’s surveillance.”

Obama continues to let the enemies of our country into our government with positions of power, using them to destroy our rights. He appointed 6 radical jihadists to positions within the government, reported previously by Misguided Children.  Obama also has continued to defend and provide safe haven for Muslim terrorists because he  has agreed to be one of them. It is not a surprise that Obama wanted the United States to recently go to war with Syria and fight for Al Qaeda, as well as defending the Muslim Brotherhood here in America, and abroad in Egypt’s uprising.

We as Americans cannot continue this blatant disrespect for our sovereignty. We need to stand together, and kick out this virulent Islamic takeover of our nation.

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