So Many Intolerable Lies From Barack Hussein Obama, Even the U.S. Marines...

So Many Intolerable Lies From Barack Hussein Obama, Even the U.S. Marines Have Been Corrupted



Two events last week — one an announcement by the Marine Corps, the other speeches at the inauguration of New York City’s new mayor — illustrated vividly how President Obama and his media cohort have so narrowed  the boundaries of political speech that we no longer believe we can challenge outright lies.


Among the lies we’ve become inured to is that women can perform every job a man can, including those of combat infantryman and special operators. We’ve also been told the lie that the injection of women into combat arms has no effect on the warrior culture. The liberals insist that the culture isn’t of any value to combat effectiveness regardless of what the warriors themselves say.


And we have relied on the promises made by all of the military leaders, including the Marines, that they’d never diminish the physical standards that any prospective warrior had to meet simply to allow women into combat arms.

That virtually all women can’t meet the standards to do these jobs is so well-established a fact that only the liberal idiots who control Obama’s Pentagon could deny it. Twelve years ago, I reported on this page that the Clinton administration’s efforts to “gender-neutralize” combat arms depended upon its ability to significantly diminish the physical standards demanded of male warriors. By that means, it was creating the fiction that women “passed” the tests. The Clinton administration went on from there to declare women fit for jobs such as that of a combat infantryman.

Last week, the Marines — who had promised that they’d be the last bastion of objective performance standards — announced that they’d “delay” the imposition of male physical standards on the girls because more than half of them failed to make the grade. (The Marines had already broken their promise. This was just a renewal notice.)

For at least another year, instead of having to do at least three pullups (the men’s minimum) the girls will continue to pass by performing a “bent-arm hang” for fifteen seconds, which is the equivalent of zero pullups. (Both of the ladies who tried to pass the combat infantry officer’s course in 2013 failed.)

The reason the Marines did this was, of course, was pressure from the White House. But that’s an excuse, not a reason. Had the commandant of the Marines threatened to resign over this, he’d have received so much support that the White House would have backed down. But he didn’t.

The “glass ceiling” that had kept women out of combat jobs is smeared with blood. The lies that enable women to break through it will cost the lives of many of them and the men fighting next to them. Marines — like every infantry force — have to do a lot of things that require physical strength. They have to lug heavy ammunition boxes, scale obstacles, and carry wounded comrades out of the line of fire. The Marines’ announcement compels me to say something I’ve never said before to any Marine in my life: for shame, gentlemen.

The gender inequality in combat arms is the necessary result of the tasks warriors must perform in order to win the fight. When you pretend that women are capable of those tasks, you condemn the nation to losing wars. The conclusion has to be that women shouldn’t be permitted into combat arms on falsified standards any more than the NFL lets women play. Not all gender discrimination is invidious.

The diminishing of standards for physical fitness on which the “gender-neutralization” of combat arms depends is the implementation of a lie. But to say that is to stand outside the “mainstream” of political thought. It’s not permitted to debate that topic, even though our national security is directly affected by it. For that, shame not on the Marines, but on all of us.

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  1. "…Had the commandant of the Marines threatened to resign over this…", well, that would imply the existence of a spine which is something that most Marines wonder if he has. But, by golly, he's putting security cameras in the barracks.

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