Luis “The Roach” Gutierrez’s Man-Crush On Donald Trump – Just Can’t Get...

Luis “The Roach” Gutierrez’s Man-Crush On Donald Trump – Just Can’t Get Him Out Of His Head


You have to wonder, as often as Luis “the Roach” Gutierrez speaks on the House floor positioned next to a blown up photograph of Donald Trump, if there isn’t a little bit of a man-crush at play, if Gutierrez isn’t salivating a little more than his usual rabid-dog foam, a little more out of breath than his rants typically leave him. Where does he get his Trump poster art? Are they just lying around the house, maybe hung up in his garage or on the back of his bathroom door? Is that a lipstick smudge?

Gutierrez engaged in his customary pro-invasion politics using posters of his nemesis, Donald Trump side by side with his new fave and champion of the destruction of America, Pope Francis. Gutierrez described Francis as the “anti-Trump,” the antidote to Trump’s supposed “venom.” That’s high praise from Gutierrez, depicting Trump as the alternative to open border destruction and global tyranny is something that should make the billionaire proud.

The Roach painted a picture of the differences he chooses to portray between Pope Francis and Donald Trump, with Trump being the “little devil” on the nation’s shoulder and Francis playing the part of the “little angel” in his upcoming US visit the end of this month.

He bases the false accusations on a deliberately blurred accusation and false implication that Trump accused all Mexicans of being murderers. Unfortunately, many are, most particularly the illegal invaders that Trump was speaking of. It is a reality that has proven to be true time and again, as thousands of innocent Americans have lost their lives.

The demented liberal Gutierrez contrasted and praised  the Pope’s willingness to touch people’s feet with Trump’s “failure” to do so, something that may be contained somewhere within the job description of a Pope, but is nowhere within that of a presidential candidate. Most people don’t consider a foot fetish to be a particularly necessary or desirable quality in a presidential candidate, at least, not most Republicans.

Gutierrez went on to take a backhanded swipe at all anti-invasion patriots, adding, “And almost everyone else in his party is scrambling to catch up so they do not miss out on the wave of populist anger he is tapping and feeding with a mix of untruths, half-truths, and good old fashioned racism.”

Gutierrez characterized the Pope as providing a “counter-balance, a counter weight to what has become the ugliest, most xenophobic, most anti-immigration campaign in anyone’s memory.” Human trafficking to achieve a political advantage is an ugly thing, as is treason and Gutierrez is guilty of both. He, if anyone, is the one that needs to employ a counter-weight to ugliness. That counter-weight should never come in the form of a dictator, regardless of whether he wears a suit, a military uniform, a pant suit or white robes. It is our Constitution that is sacred, not an individual; especially a self-aggrandized foreigner.

As is customary, Gutierrez deliberately refuses to make a distinction between legal immigration and illegal, although he has no problem with unlimited amounts of both. He said Wednesday, “Most of us came legally, sometimes waiting in lines that lasted years and some of us, when legality was not an option, and there was no line to stand in, came anyway because of work and freedom are so plentiful.”

There’s always been a line since the earliest days of this nation. It’s not hard to find, it’s that thing he’s encouraging people to jump to the front of. Legal immigration is and has always been an option; it’s just not the one they chose.

The “Good Catholic” Gutierrez noted that he stands in opposition to much of his Church’s teachings when it comes to every issue other than Marxist wealth redistribution and the relocation of third world Latin America into the United States. He said, “For this Catholic American – for this man who has sometimes struggled with the Church and is not always welcomed because of my support for women’s health, a woman’s right to a legal abortion, LGBT rights – I am so looking forward to the Pope’s visit because I feel my nation needs him more than ever before.” Selective spirituality is so unbecoming a Congressman.

One thing America needs is for Pope Francis to stay out of our affairs and concentrate on his own Church business lest he find himself viewed as being that “little devil” his agent Gutierrez so passionately decried. On the other shoulder, representing the citizens of America, as Donald Trump is attempting to do, is where the angels belong, fighting the invasion. There’s room on the side of right, if he chooses to find a spot next to Trump.

The Pope is aligning himself with the devils within the UN and the Obama regime. He’s to force redistribution of American wealth, impose a Marxist world government, climate-based property confiscation and freedom restrictions and the overrunning of our nation in a third-world invasion. There’s nothing angelic about that.

Trump hasn’t visited Rome with instructions for the Pope on how to conduct Church business. The color of smoke they blow or how to spend or simply count and recount their billions is strictly Church business. He understands the difference and knows his place. The Pope and his spokesman, the Roach, should extend similar courtesies to the rest of us.

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