Just Say It: Muslims Worship a Pedophile

Just Say It: Muslims Worship a Pedophile





It is beyond the realm of all reason and logic that over one billion people worship at the feet of not only a sadistic warmonger and misogynist–but also a brazen pedophile.

Of course the people I’m referring to are Muslims–and the pedophile is their prophet, Mohammed.

(And if you think “worship” is too strong of a word to use–just recall the global chaos and killings by the Muslim community over a few cartoon depictions of their “venerated” prophet.)

Muslims scholars have clearly chronicled Mohammed’s pedophilic proclivities. From his 72 military campaigns–in which thousands of innocent children were raped–to his union with Aisha (he was 60 at the time while she had just achieved the tender age of 6)–Islam’s founder was a pathological, child predator.or liberal)  See more: http://clashdaily.com/2014/01/just-say-muslims-worship-pedophile/



  1. Why didn't this article state the entire truth? PISSlam is nothing but a cult based on pedophilia and their so-called 'prophet' was just a pervert. It is NOT a religion, no more and no less than the Socialist NAZI party was. The Nazis would kill you if you spoke against their lies too.

  2. that's disgusting as children are meant to be protected and loved ! honestly I think if this is true the man should be put in jail but alas I rather doubt mohammad would have had any children that young from what I read in the Koran !? but also I think mary was like 13 yrs when she had jesus so she was young too! it was accepted way back in the old testiments but not anymore !

  3. It's not beyond the realm of all reason when you consider the iron grip that is kept on so many of them. Girls not allowed educations, "preachers" actively teaching lies (like the Earth being flat) and every aspect of life being controlled. It's how they stay in power wielding the word of a false prophet over the ignorant masses.

  4. Lee Joseph Mitchell The 1st Amendment does not extend to child marriages, pedophilia, honor killings or anything else of that nature actively practiced by so many. Nor should it.

  5. Were you there? Did you know him personally? Is it outside the realm of possibility that he did and LIED? He didn't marry a young girl. He married a CHILD. Since you mention history have you read the qu'ran? I have. And I went even further and read before the qu'ran came to be. Interesting factoid for you. Mohammed was born and raised a pagan. He encouraged participation in pagan ceremonies and islam gradually developed from paganism.

  6. Lighter eyes aren't as uncommon as you might think in the Middle East. Remember the NAT GEO cover photo years ago of that beautiful girl from Afghanistan with the hazel colored eyes? I believe a read somewhere that it has to do with the suns reflection on the sand and how their eye color developed over time. Like a husky with blue eyes.

  7. Yeah, Elizabeth, because having sex with a 9 year old is WAY better than having sex with a 6 year old. I mean, that's just creepy. Girls don't get sexy til like 8 or so.

  8. Robert, don't forget the origin of the Aryan race that hitler was so fond of came from the northern India/Pakistan/Afghanistan area. Plus, remember many in that area still trace their genetic heritage to Alexander.

  9. Not are any of those tenets of Islam. Yes, the prophet married a young girl, but such was the custom even among Christians. Most brides in antebellum America were no older than 15. And honor killings aren't a tenet of Islam, either, even though it is sadly practiced by misguided Shias.

  10. were YOU there? do YOU know what happened? and actually i believe she was 12 when they married, but he did NOT have sex with her until she was older…..if you know whats going on, i STILL think you should read the history….i made my point, and youre still gonna be ignoramuses. it really doesnt matter what i say cuz youre gonna want to believe the worst about it anyway! peace!!!

  11. Elizabeth Rose No, I wasn't there but I am assuming neither were you so easy on the name calling. It kind of erodes your "holier-than-thou" stance. And if you are so enamored with the man and his followers why don't you go live with them? I am sure they would love to hear a woman's point of view on things because they aren't quite the misogynistic pigs that American men are, right?

  12. And, yes, according to many Hadith, they were married when she was 6 and consummated at age 9 which would be shortly after she had her first bleeding as required by their "law". It's nice to know that they do have some inhibitions.

  13. wow,,that colledge has distorted you mind david,,,the prophet did have a wife who from what I read was 6-9 yrs of age,,and mary conceved jesus through spiritual means,,,the prophet was phisicaly on top of them girl……

  14. yeah right,,,and they don't srew little boys in the ass in the middle east right (Elizabeth rose),,,I'm afraid it is you my dear who is the dumbass…

  15. Michael Taylor ,,,you must plz excuse Elizabeth,,,for she most certainly must be a liberal who is clearly speaking out due to emmossions and not facts,,,,,but she makes this topic very much more interesting….its too-bad she had to go……I was enjoying this….(gotta love them=libs).

  16. Serb Yugo Lol! No problem besides, arguing with libs is fun. And I agree with your first comment. Should have seen some of the things I saw in Afghanistan. Not children, mind you, but the term BFF takes on a whole NEW meaning for men in that country.

  17. Lee Joseph Mitchell – Yes, at a time in this country girls were starting families at a younger age but that was a different time and place in our nation. Christians do not marry 6 year old girls. Christians did murder innocent people and justify it by their religious beliefs.
    The catholic church did but no where in the Holy Bible gave them any authority to do what they did during the inquisition did but I have no more faith in the catholic church than I do in PISSlam. As far as I am concerned both are cults that forced the ignorant to join by horrible and terrorist acts instead of a strong belief in their radical ideas. Neither honors God in any way and I have seen nothing to cause me to respect them in any way.
    Honor killings are no more than murder and murder should be treated as crimes against humanity in any country but I do not hear or see mudslims condemning it.
    Again, I see PISSlam as only a murderous cult and too many of those who follow it are nothing but a corrosive element in a modern city and a decent society. An honest look at any country that has a large population of mudslims will show a country stuck in the thirteenth century ruled by a Nazi or communist type regime that keeps the people repressed.


  19. Chris I think you're missing the point; wherever religion dictates law, there also has died hope, freedom and erudition. Whether it is Sharia or Christian dogma dressed as social propriety, religion cannot dictate to me my secular duties.

  20. Chris I think you're missing the point; wherever religion dictates law, there also has died hope, freedom and erudition. Whether it is Sharia or Christian dogma dressed as social propriety, religion cannot dictate to me my secular duties.

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