Indonesia: Muslims Hang Signs Near Church Saying “Jesus Is A Dog” And...

Indonesia: Muslims Hang Signs Near Church Saying “Jesus Is A Dog” And “Kill The Christians”…



(International Christian Concern) – I watched as the pastor began to cry, tears welling up in his eyes as he described the scene to me. It was May 18th, 2012, and there were hundreds upon hundreds of screaming fanatics hurling rocks, dirt, and even bags filled with urine at his congregation as the police stood by and watched. Signs hanging near his church read “Jesus is a dog” and “Kill the Christians.” The rioters claimed the pastor had never obtained the proper permits to operate his church, and the local government agreed, sealing the building and prohibiting the pastor and his congregation from ever returning.

My interview with Pastor Palti Panjaitan of the GKI Yasmin church was eye opening. For years the world, including the United States, has lauded Indonesia as the prime example of a tolerant, Muslim democracy. The largest Muslim-majority nation in the world, Indonesia embraces a welcoming political philosophy known as “Pancasila,” composed of five “inseparable” principles, including social justice. The vicious attack Pastor Palti described hardly seemed synonymous with Indonesia’s pristine reputation. After further investigation, it proved to merely be the tip of the iceberg.

Across Indonesia in 2012, International Christian Concern (ICC) found that at least 50 churches like Pastor Palti’s were forcibly shut down, almost always under pressure from radical Islamic groups. These groups usually claim the church lacks the proper permits to operate, based on a 2006 zoning law that requires “places of worship” to obtain signatures of approval from surrounding neighbors. The law is well-known to be a charade, as it is almost never applied to anyone except religious minorities. It is also well-known among Indonesia’s church leaders that obtaining a permit can be nearly impossible and usually requires hefty bribery of local officials. In 2012, I was told of one very large church which had to spend more than a million U.S. dollars to obtain a permit that is, officially at least, supposed to be free.

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  1. This was the reason John Browning invented the 1911 .45 colt…. to stop the little bastards in their tracks. One shot one kill…..Fuck the muslums

  2. I don't know that I believe everything in this article. Islam venerates Jesus (peace beck upon him) as the Mahdi / messiah. I don't think they'd call their own savior a dog.

  3. The whole religion preaches that those not of their faith are not human! That is alright to do anything to them! The whole religion is deceitful and full of hate and lies! It is time to get off the fence it is time to take a side and fight for what you believe in! So what do you believe in?

  4. I believe in the oneness of Allah, and in his holy Prophet, Mohammad, peace be upon him.

  5. This story is either FALSE, or you have some very illiterate people of Islam. My guess this is the usual mis-information. The entire qur'an venerates Jesus and Mary. Their is entire chapter called Sura Maryam! People Muslims believe in Jesus the same way as christians except that Muslims don't attribute him as a "son" or even worse as God. Did you know that in the bible Adam, Jacob, Solomon were also referred to as sons? Look it up if you don't believe me. There is no god but ALLAH and Muhammad is his last messenger!

  6. Steve Shaffer From the quran: "We gave Moses the Book and followed him up with a succession of messengers; We gave Jesus the son of Mary Clear (Signs) and strengthened him with the holy spirit. Is it that whenever there comes to you a messenger with what ye yourselves desire not, ye are puffed up with pride?- Some ye called impostors, and others ye slay! "

    Islam does not teach Jesus is god, but it venerates Jesus as a great prophet and one who worked miracles – same as Christianity. So why would those faithful to Islam shout curses at the prophet THEY are taught was taken up into heaven and will return to rule the earth?

    Stories like these are based on half truths and pushed off onto ignorant christians who know even less about islam than they know about christianity because they have never really read either of these books. The ultimate goal on both sides is to destroy the earth except for the "holy" so Jesus will return. You're fighting for the same thing, and if you don't stop listening to this hateful nonsense you're going to succeed, except there is no happy ending with Jesus because Jesus died 2000 years ago.

    Keep in mind, I'm not a subscriber to any of these faiths. That's why it's so easy to be objective and see that all religions are equally full of shit.

  7. Whether you 'want' to or not, you are compelled to by the constitution.

  8. Whether you 'want' to or not, you are compelled to by the constitution.

  9. Whether you 'want' to or not, you are compelled to by the constitution.

  10. Yusef, in all due respect, don't Muslims regard Jesus (Isa) as a prophet not the Mahdi that all Muslims are looking forward to? Christians and Muslims do well to believe in one God but the main difference is what we say about Jesus. Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God and Muslims do not believe Allah had a son. Also, Mohammed is regarded greater than Allah.

  11. You heard me towel head go home if you want to follow your cousins path of distruction we need it over here our people built this country on Christian beliefs you cousin's opinion not needed.

  12. Take a good look at that photo, does that look like hate or love? Jesus is the son of God. he was not a normal human being, WHEN HE WALKED THIS EARTH… He became a Human being.Human beings….. do not perform miracles. He was not just a prophet. PERIOD.

  13. Are you really praying for the death if every single Muslim? How does that in anyway refleft the message of love you claim makes you so different from the Radical Muslims? I am no terrorist, I've done nothing illegal or wrong, and you want me dead?

  14. Yusef Khouri Ibn Al-Ma'tshil If you are so different ,why don't you speak out against all of the slaughter being done in the name of Allah,and his pimp,Mudhammad,the difference between me and Radical Muslims,I don't go around Beheading innocent people.Yes ,ALL Muslims that do these coward acts should be cleansed from the earth,if it means being a Radical Christian,so be it,Muslims lie to deceive,will do anything to bring on the Caliphate.


  16. As the Muslim population grows here in the USA with the help of Obama and his executive orders to bring millions more to the USA this will soon be happening all over the USA at which time the show will begin and we will thank GOD we kept our guns!

  17. Kim Mathews You do realize that just because he has a middle eastern name/look does not mean he IS Muslim right??? My last name is, as you can see, Gonzagowski… However I am not of even minimal Polish heritage, I married into the name… My mother was a Jones but she married a Griswold which is a British name… Now my first name, Wynema… Lets see just what nationality you think that is… Your comments are that of a prejudiced bigot and that makes me sad… The prideful attitude you exhibit IS an insult to biblical teachings… The type of judging that you are performing will definitely go against you when judgment comes…

  18. You do realize that as few as 50 years ago men in their 20's and up were marrying girls that were 14 and 15 right here in the states right??? You do realize that in the bible they would marry their females at a very young age with consummation of the marriage taking place after the GIRLS first blooding which could take place as early as the age of 11…

  19. David Michael I think if the author is going to present something as a CURRENT event that it should be a CURRENT event….. Plus David, you talk of suing as if the church were here in the states which it was not… Not all countries are like the states where you can sue over just about anything…

  20. Perhaps your right as also the degree of my assumption that one can sue in that country like one can do in the usa !?
    I have come to realize that I need to understand better is why I have started to read the Koran as its interesting for reading !
    Lots of repetitious wording though !
    But alas I feel that the Koran perhaps like the bible are meant to be interpreted figuratively not literally !
    For if at this point in time we both people , muslims and chrisitans did just that the literal meaning then there would be no life on this planet today !
    I don't think that was Gods intent ! ?
    I think perhaps Gods intensity of his wording is meant as a wake up call for all humanity to LISTEN to Gods word and develop that inner relationship hes wanting for each and every one of us !?
    I wish that the Muslims world wide would read the Bible also to better understand us and have a more peaceful coexistence !
    Honest I think they fear reading the bible more so then I do reading the Koran !

  21. Larry Gallo You do realize that it is quite likely that Yusef is a citizen right??? I mean seriously… We have Muslim citizens, some whose ancestors have been in the states for 200+ years… People who maintain a bigoted attitude drive me batty!!! The inanity of so many responses and conversations is quite saddening, don't you agree?

  22. Wynema Shalimar Marshall Gonzagowski I am not judging on what his name said, I am judging on the statement he had made about Jesus. WAKE UP, READ BETWEEN THE LINE. HELLLLOOOO, IS ANYONE HOME UPSTAIRS? HAVE A GOOD DAY.

  23. Wynema Shalimar Marshall Gonzagowski Never said he wasn't. He has not condemned these scumbags, so I called them 'his buddies'. THEY are the ones who feel they can act how they want then use OUR Constitution to protect THEM. I don't give a rat's ass if he's a citizen or not. Condemn them or you agree with them. You, too.

  24. I never said that ! In fact im disgusted by it and feel its evil !
    I just feel the reason why the musilms do what they do is cause of misunderstanding Christians as we do them and thus we need to read each others books such as I am doing the Koran and they need to read the bible also !

  25. Larry Gallo I want peace and harmony ! HOnestly I feel the muslims fear far out weights ours of them at this point is why they are retaliating so adamantly against Christians as they are very afraid of us out of ignorance !
    So many Christians feel the same towards Muslims also !

  26. I'm progressive Sunni. Though admittedly; I love am ahmadiyah service, they literally sing the salat! Have you been to a masjid?

  27. For the love of hummus, I've condemned these attacks in almost every article! You seem to be under the delusion that all Muslims stick by each other? Is that true of Christians?

  28. very true from the beginning to the end days we well be as such as being a Christian is a hard life! Case in point Jesus died on the cross to save all man kinds souls from the beginning of time to the end and nobody else but the son of God could take on that burden , NOBODY !

  29. in part the muslims are growing cause they are migrating from the Arabic world cause of the restrictive persecution! I don't think they want to do anything but coexist for the most part but alas I cant answer for them all as I don't read their true intentions unless they state it !


  31. Wynema Shalimar Marshall Gonzagowski I know that but I'm talking about raping his niece and killing people that did not come to his religion!

  32. Wynema Shalimar Marshall Gonzagowski and the destruction and burning of Christian Churches in Egypt….was that a year ago too ? I don't care about time frame when your killing people who's only crime is believing in Jesus.

  33. Are you people really believing this ? It is considered apostasy to insult a Prophet (any of them) in Islam ; and Jesus ('Isa) IS a Prophet of Islam.. I mean, even if you don't believe that Jesus ('Isa) was a Prophet of Islam, know that Muslims do; therefore know that it is considered apostasy to make fun or insult a Prophet for them. So don't be stupid and believe everything you read.

    If you think this is true.. Bring me pictures of Muslims hanging out posters, or whatever, telling that ''Jesus is a dog''… For I have searched and did not manage to find anything of this.

  34. Yusef Khouri Ibn Al-Ma'tshil Christians aren't burning Mosques and blowing up children on school buses. Nor are they shooting girls in the face who just want to go to school.

  35. Yusef Khouri Ibn Al-Ma'tshil Christians aren't burning Mosques and blowing up children on school buses. Nor are they shooting girls in the face who just want to go to school.

  36. وعليك السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
    ما لهم ؟ ما رأيت أغبى من هؤلاء !..

  37. Before you guys flip out and go on google translate, I said ''What is wrong with them? I never saw more stupid than these people!!..'' meaning that if you really believe this article .. question yourself

  38. But they are molesting little children, praying for death of soldiers, raping innocent women in muslim countries, terrorizing innocent civilians, America is not innocent, even today. And it's perpetrated by Christians that try to inform foreign policy with their eschatology.

  39. Larry Gallo The only post in this particular thread that was/is visible from him at the time I posted was "Whether you 'want' to or not, you are compelled to by the constitution. " and that is what I was responding to… Sheesh such inane individuals on here!!!

  40. Larry Gallo Re: attacks on Mosques in the states and attacks on Muslims in the streets of the US, you are wrong… I can come up with at minimum 10 Mosque incidents where self-professed Christians have committed violence against Mulims and many more where they have defaced or done damage to the Mosque… As for personal attacks, I can come up with more than you would likely believe… Like Christianity, Muslims have different sects of their religion and each sect has its own belief system and way of doing things… UGH! Could you please go and learn something more than the sheeple babble you keep spouting… I am sorry but your just so very frustrating with your hatred and ethnocentric comments 🙁

  41. Yusef Khouri Ibn Al-Ma'tshil No, I have not… I am neither 'Christain' nor 'Muslim' though I have many friends from both… What I am is a spiritual soul… I believe we must all follow our own paths and live our lives in such a way that we know we are doing right and that we know our actions and words do good and not harm… I will admit though that sometimes when I come across inane, ignorant, prejudicial, bigoted and/or racial remarks from sheeple I do have a tendency to call them on their behavior… I am not always proud of the emotional outbursts in some of my responses however I stand by each and every one…

  42. Yusef Khouri Ibn Al-Ma'tshil Yeah? Well there is the 2nd amendment, so I would be very careful if I were you, There are a lot of hunters in the USA, so FUCK YOU!

  43. Andrew Harmsen What an ignorant comment… Because the man says that we should and must follow the 1st amendment you threaten him??? That is more than ignorant it is downright inanity… Come on, do you not realize in your ethnocentric world that there are different people, different beliefs and that NO one has the right to try and force these on anyone…

  44. Andrew Harmsen Who are you talking to??? I bet you call yourself a Christian, if so 'God' must be shaking his head in confusion and disgust because nowhere in any bile I have read is your type of attitude an acceptable thing… Isn't it funny how the people who remain calm seem to be the non-Christians???

  45. Larry Gallo You are such a silly person, I care about all life… Each individual life is a precious thing and deserves to live in their own way, how they wish… NO, I do not mean people can kill and rape… I mean that as long as that INDIVIDUAL is not harming anyone then who are you to judge???

  46. You EVER been to EAST GERMANY BITCH, you would KNOW what I'm talking about. You EVER been to a concentration camp? I've been to DACHAU, and I speak 6 different languages, and you have the goomba to tell me I don't know how the world works? PISS OFF WANKER! this talk us over, time to lock and load

  47. Listen, moron, if you shoot an innocent person of a protected glass, it's a hate crime, usually with ultra severe sentence enhancements. I know that, I know that you know that, so while I'm repulsed by your hate, I'm not intimidated by your puerile tantrum.

  48. Andrew Harmsen I do not care how many languages you know, how many countries you have been to or even how educated you are… Your ETHNOCENTRIC attitude is destructive… You are NOT better than others, have no different rights than others and yet you raise yourself up by insulting others who disagree with you… People have a right to be who they are and yet for you this means to 'lock and load', that is what I was calling sheer ignorance!!! As I said in another post, I bet you call yourself Christian… If so 'God' is looking upon you weeping for your ignorant attitude and words…

  49. Larry Gallo If your ethnocentric self would like some proof please feel free to ask as I can readily provide it… All you need to do is be willing to face the reality… Which sadly, I doubt you will… You wish to push all the blame onto one side when both are at fault 🙁

  50. Carmen A. Cantalupo Carmen at least you are more reasonable than say Larry Gallo who seems to think that insults are the way to shove his opinion down other people throats and advocates force to do so… If you read back through the bible you will see where women often had no choice who they had sex with in fact some being made to have sex with their dead husbands brother by covenants brought forth by the bible… Where young girls were wedded and upon their first blooding marriages consumated, often a girl will have her first blooding between 11 and 13 years of age…The entire city of Jericho was ordered destroyed by God… I could go on for a very long time… Both the Qu'ran and Bible are fraught with violence, and what we would today call sexual deviance… I mean Lot had sex with his own daughters at a young age and had children brought forth for those unions… People denigrate Muslims, Pagans, Wiccans, and other religions because they are not "Christian". It is sad and it is disturbing… Thank you for listening/reading

  51. Larry Gallo Your such an inane ignoramus that it gives me pleasure reading your comments… They make me laugh and laughter is good medicine… Thank you so very much for just being the xenophobic, ethnocentric and muslimphobic person you are 🙂

  52. Larry Gallo WHy my last post to you ended up deleted I have no idea especially since all I said was that ALL human life is precious and worth saving… ALL people are not the same and that is one of the wonderful things about this life we live and this world we live in… Ahhhhhh well…..

  53. Larry Gallo And yet again one of my responses disappears… No 1st Amendment here obviously… You really are an ignorant SOB… I have tried so hard to be reasonable with you and yet you continue to get more and more insulting… IS your life really so hateful and sad that you cannot carry on a decent intelligent conversation… I am not upset or angry with you, I feel pity for you and the sadness you must live in…

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