Ford Vice President Publicly Admits They Know Everything You Do In Your...

Ford Vice President Publicly Admits They Know Everything You Do In Your Car


DailySheeple/Chris Carrington

If you own a new Ford you are being monitored, you are being tracked, and all that data is stored every time you use you vehicle.

This was the stunning admission made by Ford vice president Jim Farley at the CES electronic trade show in Las Vegas.

“We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing,” Ford’s Jim Farley told a Vegas crowd on Wednesday, according to Business Insider reporter Jim Edwards.

“By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone,” Farley continued.

“These cars are equipped with computers that collect massive amounts of data,” Khaliah Barnes of the Electronic Privacy Information Center told the New York Times then. “Without protections, it can lead to all kinds of abuse,” she said.

Just one more way that our civil liberties are being infringed on a day to day basis.

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  1. buiseness suicide.
    we'll be bailing them out next
    they should have arrested this communist pos the second he admitted it.

  2. Grow up Artie, do you think Gov. Motors or Chrysler don't? Can you push a button on your mirror and cry "I have a flat tire, help me". Does your Prius have a built in factory GPS? Let's punish a guy for telling the truth, a guy who works for the company that said no thank you to a "bailout". Grow a pair punk.

  3. Chevrolet has been doing this for years. Ford states that they don't give this info to anybody, but don't you think that once government agencies figure this out that they can and will use this info against you.

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  5. Oh please, they're ALL doing it, not just FORD. You gonna start walking everywhere now? Or riding mass transit? Guess what Bud, they have cameras too, and so does every street corner now. BIG BROTHER! Just don't drive a new vehicle for "some" privacy, but not much.

  6. if some one breaks the law you better believe they give it to the courts, but that said I admire the company that admits doing what all the other companies do,but hide it.

  7. What I meant to expand on was how legally you can not incriminate yourself and they will be using your own vehicle against you. The same way they use your phone. Where does it end? This is just another way to have more power over you and to invade more of our privacy.

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