The First Gay President Uses Gay Men To Market Obamacare???

The First Gay President Uses Gay Men To Market Obamacare???



WOW, Just Think Phil Robertson is kicked of his own tv show but the President of The United States uses this to push OBAMACARE… What have IDIOTS done to this country? How disgusting!! Maybe, Obozo was thinking about Reggie Love.


The group who put out the ad, with federal funding, describes themselves as

“Out2Enroll is a coalition of organizations who want to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people stay healthy by making sure that one of the major benefits of the Affordable Care Act — access to affordable, comprehensive health insurance coverage — reaches LGBT communities. Get Enrolled is a holiday parody, produced by our friends at Full Frontal Freedom, which aims to bring awareness to the final week of health marketplace enrollment.”



  1. "Obamacare" is deeply flawed and borderline socialist, but this is pretty creative.

  2. As much as I disagree with the Westboro cult, you must provide evidence of their bombings, if you wish to be taken seriously.

  3. *nods* sometime sarcasm doesn't come across the web as it would verbally. No harm, no foul.

  4. By reaching an audience that needs affordable healthcare? Antivirals are horribly expensive and most on them require some sort of aid from the government. And that's saying quite a bit, given that the aggregate gay household earns 15% more than their straight counterparts.

    And if we are going to have half-naked cheerleaders at half-time, you can suffer through half-naked blokes selling insurance.

  5. Did y'all read how they lost their s**t when the house across from their church was painted in rainbows? Ha!

  6. I understand what your saying Susan and admit that he's being extreme in advertising to the gay community with such a lure!
    But alas Yusef you didn't understand as such and seem to say gays are in more need then others cause of their statue so to speak but saying so with out offence , yet did so!

  7. Obama healthcare is a failure, and this is an example of scraping the bottom of the barrel to promote a sinking ship.

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