DHS Goons Occupy VA Hospital Under “Presence Deterrence” – Police State Intimidation...

DHS Goons Occupy VA Hospital Under “Presence Deterrence” – Police State Intimidation of Vets


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Veterans seeking treatment at the VA Hospital in San Deigo, CA this past Wednesday were greeted by an ominous assembly of black uniformed paramilitary police bearing identification patches of DHS and Police, with no name tags or badges. Citing “presence deterrence” as the reason for the action, little more in the way of an explanation was offered.

Reports from witnesses state that approximately 20 Federal Protection Services officers, in black SWAT-style uniforms and full gear as well as four bomb-sniffing dogs massed at the entrance to VA Mission Valley Health Care Clinic. FPS is an enforcement group within DHS charged with the protection of government properties.

The VA Mission Valley Health Care Clinic provides services in the areas of general practice, a psychiatric clinic, a PTSD treatment clinic, and a disability compensation evaluation clinic.

A stream of criticisms from veterans led to a formal complaint being filed with the VA OIG by the advocacy group, Honoring Our Troops (HRT). The complaint states that veterans who were unfortunate enough to find themselves at the facility during this “presence deterrence” were harassed and threatened for taking pictures and asking questions. One veteran reportedly was threatened with a $10,000 fine if he did not delete a photo. One doctor reportedly described the action to a patient’s wife ambiguously as a “familiarization exercise.”

Since the OIG complaint, HRT reports being on the receiving end of numerous anonymous phone threats of physical harm as well as threats of stalking and investigations.

VA Regional Office spokesman, Alejandro Mendio la Flores verified the FPS action as being part of “Operation Shield” for “presence deterrence.” They claim the number of participants in the exercise was 8 rather than the witness assertions of over twice that many, and that the FPS was conducting training.

In addition to the FPS goons, the VA has a “patient security flag” procedure in place in which accusations or warnings about a particular patient are routinely made behind closed doors, without the patient’s knowledge and without an opportunity to face their accusers or refute the accusations. This is the same apparatus which will likely be utilized to a great extent in the determination that many veterans are unfit for the free exercise of their second amendment rights upon the completion of the installation of the police state apparatus and pretexts.

The regime has already improperly labeled returning veterans as domestic terrorists or having many of the characteristics that have been labeled as those of domestic terrorists, such as patriotism and a belief that an authoritarian central government is un-American.

Is “presence deterrence” designed as a component of the indoctrination process, to reeducate veterans to the “new reality,” that the rules are different, that the former great enemy of socialism is now the path of America’s future. It was chosen for them without being asked by a government intent on controlling, through whatever means necessary, every aspect of the daily lives of their “inmate population.”

The message being, accept these conditions or be treated like the domestic terrorist they’ve been labeled as. Training people to accept police state tyranny is a component of the tyranny itself.

It definitely appears that veterans are on a type of target list. That list will surely expand in scope as the integration of the police state into our daily lives continues and intensifies.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who believes an adherence the U.S. Constitution would solve many of today’s problems. “Like” him on Facebook and “Follow” him on Twitter.



  1. They are doing just what Obama said for them to do is all. He is trying to get the USA in a position so he can declare Martial Law.

  2. This happened in, of all places, California. But you can rest assured that not one Muslim or illegal alien was harmed or harassed in any way. Just sayin'.

  3. That day we all feared is coming and I'm afraid that we will be tasked with killing our own because they think their job supercedes the rights of the people !

  4. WTF…having been one I know VA has its owns federally sworn police…what the hell is this for? Is this a case of a hospital director who prefers to have the VA PD be mall security and not do their jobs as police officers? Did this hospital have a credible threat against it that more support was needed? God save The Republic

  5. f–k the DHS, what is Homeland Security doing at the VA Hospital, why aren't there name tags or badge numbers on their uniform, Gestapo tactics just like Hitler we have Sandnigger Obama, and f–k all you liberals or demopcraps that don't like what I have to say about your scumbag President or his CUNT Wife

  6. Alright, time to flip that coin to the other side. Is it possible that the VA Administration received a bomb threat regarding "one of their facilities" and this is their response? If so, than the presence of an explosive sniffing dog is prudent. Even the police will not comment about a possible bomb threat while they are checking things. That is for the protection of everyone.

    Here's an even more disturbing question. What if the administration ignored the threat and it proved real? How fast would you be condemning the law enforcement agencies for not having a presence? Wouldn't you be demanding the presence of bomb sniffing dogs? Wouldn't you want the police knowing who might use such means against our veterans?

    There are two sides to every issue and the truth ALWAYS lies somewhere between them. The fact that one side refuses to disclose is what fuels your fear leads to a lot of misinformation and incorrect conclusions.

    Having a person listed as a threat does not infringe on their rights, but does allow the police to determine if a threat has credibility. Since it is used as a profile tool and not a criteria for arrest, your civil rights are not violated.

    As to this author's theories and conclusions, one word. Paranoia.

  7. People who would work for that gang of federal thugs are incapable of shame, that's one of the hiring criteria along with how do you fell about beating some veteran into a stupor?

  8. Brilliant, have people come to a PTSD clinic that is surrounded by para-military with military weapons/ gear on. That will help! Idiots!!!!

  9. You dont even have to say "just saying" because you are 100% right!! Cali used to be my fave place to go. I wanted to move there. But in the last couple years I see that state for the commie run anti-America it has become and dont care for it one bit now. Very sad how the public there is so brainwashed to do nothing for themselves or their own families so the Gov can take it from them and give it to illegals and Muslims who hate them.

  10. And look at that guys face. Boy he sure thinks he is Mr tough guy when its a bunch of disabled and elderly vet's he is "regulating". What a sad sack excuse for a human. I wonder if he beats his wife and kids since he is such tough guy on the helpless. Jerk.

  11. Some of opunkBOYs gestapo now, I would not help one for anything, the cops family could be dying and I would laugh and go on my way.

  12. "A stream of criticisms from veterans led to a formal complaint being filed with the VA OIG by the advocacy group, Honoring Our Troops (HRT). The complaint states that veterans who were unfortunate enough to find themselves at the facility during this “presence deterrence” were harassed and threatened for taking pictures and asking questions. One veteran reportedly was threatened with a $10,000 fine if he did not delete a photo. "

    Some of opunkBOYs gestapo, Matthew, that is all they are. those cops "using their name Cop in a sarcastic way" they threatened a veteran over a picture.

    opunkBOY, his fugly bitch, cupHolder, his admin and the democrats/libtards are liars, thieves, cowards, traitors and murderers. They all never change. They know they are guilty.

    Do you protect opunkBOY, Matthew?

  13. Even us liberals (or libtards as some of you put it. Hey, if the shoe fits, wear it) find this disgusting. There are some things we all agree on, regardless of party line.

  14. Obama is Evil….and the SOB'S that work for DHS and the Police Department that participate in this horrific BS, need to have THEIR ASS'S THROWN IN JAIL. This is not AMERICAN…..I wish Obama would just go to hell, where he belongs!!

  15. I would of been thrown in jail..these billy bad ass's doen't have the balls to fight for our freedom, but they want to wage war, with the very people that did!! I would of told them off, SOB most likely is a wife beater too. They can go straight to hell, along with their leader OBAMA!

  16. if combat vets and vets in general are going to be treated this way what incentive does anyone have to join the military? go fight a battle that has nothing to do with freedom and if you are fortunate enough to come home in tact or at all you are now considered the enemy by the government that you worked for hmmmmmm i would say people should stop joining and leave as soon as you time is done

  17. I wonder if these guys really like looking like GOONS. They have the appearance of first rate THUGS. Not Peace Officers in the most lax sense of the word, just goons and thugs. I don't like my police looking like street goons , thugs and bullies.

  18. Article said: " One doctor reportedly described the action to a patient’s wife ambiguously as a “familiarization exercise.”"
    I can see that, they want us to get "familiar" or used to having armed guards herding us around.

  19. We should only have 2 armed federal agencies. Both of which answer to congress and the administration have no say in. Those being the CIA which is banned. From any operation on us soil. And, the FBI which must operate within the limits of our constitution.Why do we need armed agents in the department of education, the department of agriculture,and the department of health?

  20. Now, now let's get it right. They would be SchutzStaffel (SS) not Gestapo. The SS were the uniformed military of the NSDAP. The Gestapo were the secret party police.

  21. Everyone complaining how the feds are taking control of shit … Shut the fuck up and do something all I hear is talk but no one is doing shit .. blow some shit up rebel we keep letting this happen were are gonna be out numbered when its too late

  22. Kind of wondering if these goons are Vets themselves?? Guess things are so grim people will do anything for a job so they can continue living beyond their means .. meanwhile the USA is in the midst of a serious invasion .. and thousands of illegal alien minors are infiltrating our communities .. which are already in a very state of affairs … illegal to feed homeless, vets are abused , cutting American's benefits including food stamps .. meanwhile the psychos that be want to reduce the work force to slave labor .. being in massive immigrants at a time when Americans are out of work due to NAFTA sending our jobs everywhere else and they are wanting to make things even worse with the TPP .. THere is something very wrong with our leadership .. they could care less about those who put their lives on the line in their bogus wars .. and now they lend a deaf ear and blind eye to everything. THey should all be tried for crimes against humanity and TREASON! Just wonder what "they" are distracting everyone from .. because everything they do is PLANNED .. Follow the $$ .. start in NOvember this YEAR and KICK all of these Organized Criminals OUT .. disband Homeland Security and ABolish NDAA .. hold em accountable.. THe time to fight back will be this NOVEMBER!! Dem = Rep = lesser evil = EVIL = MORE OF THE SAME!!! MSM/Hollywood = WMD = Distract + Deceive +Distort + Divide = DESTROYED .. WAKE UP!!

  23. Wait, wait, wait. Obama and Kerry both said the war on terrorism is over. So we can now shut down DHS and the TSA as the are no longer relevant and pocket those budgetary savings right??? The threat is over according to our leaders, so we no longer "need" these ever growing monstrosities as part of the Federal government

  24. How come they're not at the border???? I guess the politicians wouldn't want that! If that took place they couldn't manipulate the votes… More people in a state the more manipulation most likely takes place.

  25. <https://www.change.org/petitions/congress-clarify-pardons-now/&gt;
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  26. One CRITICAL certainty, that, IS becoming more evident,

    …and IS NOT BEING …

    "Reported by Our Major Media resources,

    …IS THAT, …

    "Obamagahzi-aka-Barry Soetero-aka-B. HUSSEIN Obama", and Obama's DEMOCRATIC Leaders, & ADMINSTRATION CZAR'S, "ARE", …


    Cloward-Piven STRATEGY, …


    and superbulous & VOLUMINOUS CRISIS', ,

    ..while …simultaneously,

    …DESTROYING Our Economy, …

    and there-in Obama's POTENTIAL, … "TO… Declare Martial Law".

    Given the chaotic, destructive conditions created by politicians in positions of power in the United States of America, as well as the world, isn’t it comforting that God has told us He is the “same today, the same tomorrow, the same forever”…and that He “will be with us always”?

    May Our Creator Reach down to U.S. and with HIS', Mighty Hand,


    and Save us from that Clear and Present Danger,


    BY OUR PRAYERS and ANY form of Men, Money and MATERIAL,


    To the VALIANT, Patriotic, and



    in Reaching their MISSION GOAL,





    Robert David Hummel SFC, USA, (Ret), INVERNESS, FLORIDA

  27. SLAVENLY LOOKING BUNCH OF DHS THUGS! Maybe DHS thinks they will be instermental in discouraginthe G I'S from coming to the V A HOSPITAL in fear of being ACOSTED BY THESE IDIOTS!

  28. YEP, they are scared of us and they should be. Paying themselves bonuses for killing Vets is criminal.

  29. Make sure I got this right. VA treats you like chit. So instead of showing up to take care of the VA … they are sent in case the patients don't like being treated like chit and decide to let it be known??? F*** all of them. This is BS. Homeland Security needs to be abolished. All of it.

  30. It's not my idea , I wish that this day never comes to fruition . But if they don't stop the insanity of trying to label us terrorist when we have put our lives on the line for this country and we are a very few that had the stones and love of country to keep this nation free , not run by tyrants or to become a socialist country . If push comes to shove we will fight the enemy foreign or domestic to keep this country free from outsiders who think they know what's best for the world we live in ! We will NEVER EVER tolerate a One World Governance or live to the rules of the U.N. !!!!!!!!! God Bless our Nation !

  31. Phuc Yaul I moved out of California fifteen years ago and said the same thing… the best view of California was in my rear view mirror. The elective choices made by the voters of California have surrender most of the rights taken for granted under a constitution that they think is our dated? Huh??

  32. What needs to happen is all their pics need to be plastered all over the internet so we know who we are dealing with. If they are bad ass enough to intimidate vets then lets see how bad ass they are when the rest of the nation knows who they are.

  33. Who knows, maybe they even speak some English. Somebody should yell some Russian commands out just to watch the reactions.

  34. Jenean Lanterman Thomas OMg I actually thought that too! Where ARE those Russian troops Napolitano brought here?? Its like they disappeared. I heard there is an American city prop town in VA where training is going on…maybe thats them?

  35. Peaceful protests are a noble idea in theory, but very rarely accomplish anything of note other than gathering the whole group of dissidents into one place for easy disposal… I WISH the raised voices of the masses would be enough to change their hearts, and turn them away from the greed they are fed by, so that my son could grow up in a place of peace and prosperity, but it's not going to happen. Their bellies are too hungry, always too hungry… so hungry that no amount of money or power can ever satiate that hunger. And why should the wolf stop eating the carcass just because there are a few flies buzzing in it's ear? They are just harmless flies, and of no consequence… powerless little insects that just make a lot of noise. That's how they see protesters.
    The time is coming when all of us need to make a choice. We will HAVE to make a choice. There will be no straddling the fence on this one. There can't be. You will either fight for your freedom, or bow down in subservience. Will you choose a life of quiet slavery, or a life with freedom of choice? Every single person will have to make that call for themselves, and for their families. It is not going to be easy, and many will fail to do the right thing, but many will stand up too. I can only hope that it will be enough.

    "He owns all the wealth, and he owns all the land. We starve and die under his command. He speaks the truth, and he gives us peace. But all that I hope for is our release…" The Sun is Also a Warrior ~Leslie Fish

  36. What kind of douchebag would be a DHS agent? None with any "smidgen" of respectability or honor!

  37. Might be a tad more believable if the author could actually spell San Diego. The inability to spell and use correct grammar belies the intelligence of the one writing the piece as well as the editors who allow publishing of the piece.

  38. Please, please, learn your words. It is "Martial Law". Secretary of State George Marshall instituted the "Marshall Plan" for the recovery of European economies after WWII. Martial Law is the imposition of a military regime over designated areas to control a populace. It's not difficult.

  39. Bea Jones Thanks I used spell check by Google. LOL I guess I picked the wrong one. SMILES Was you my 2nd grade teacher?

  40. John Steele You are correct. I know first hand on it too. People who would work for that gang of federal thugs are incapable of shame, that's one of the hiring criteria along with how do you fell about beating some veteran into a stupor?

  41. Tommy Brown LOL No, I don't think so.. it just really bugs me when people get really emotional and use the wrong words. It gives the liberals something at which to point "See, they don't even know what they're talking about!"
    BTW, you all might want to see this… remember that Marine Vet who was arrested, not charged, and put in a mental institution for posting anti-Obama stuff on his FB page? Well, he's filed a lawsuit – and it turns out he's not alone. It might be a good idea to put this attorney's number on speed-dial! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdiYfvY_2-4

  42. Phuc Yaul That is my words exactly when I left there too in 1994 Oceanside, CA was the worst place I had ever lived.

  43. I hope this country falls in such disrepair. This country is corrupt, our leaders are corrupt, and the american citizens are too damn stupid to see the police state that we are already in.

  44. Trisha, maybe because it's been a long time after he posted. I'll go if you buy the gas! And get someone to feed my kids and chickens while I'm gone. And pay the electric bill.

  45. John Steele you are right on target. Sterile like in Laos, except those were heroes. Plausible deniability?

  46. Tommy Brown She's like Kate Gosselin. Use your words, honey! I proofread like 7 OCD times, and stuff still gets by me.

  47. and that the FPS was conducting training. Oh just a training exercise ahe? I am still not amused.

  48. "Presence deterrence". If I have ANY command of the English language, that would mean to deter the presence of someone. To prevent the attendance of someone. Other than VA employees, the only others present would be vets and their families! The Administration has found another way to shrink waiting times it would appear!

  49. Jenean Lanterman Thomas they are here and have been for some time, they are embedded within the DHS, they are Russian Spetsnaz and they speak very good english since that is part of their training, they have been entering this country through Canada and by Air landing at a vacant air field in Minn., estimated number 20,000, they are staying in the National Parks, there have been reports of tourists being turned around by men dressed in DHS Clothing from Calif to NC.

  50. what are they going to do, shoot down veterans now? i have respect for law enforcement but i don't give a shit when the assholes take "orders" from this fucked up government and they raise a weapon at me, i don't give a shit if he has a wife and babies at home, he won't ever see them again. my life is more important than the orders of a tyrannical government, this one or any one else's!!!!!!

  51. I left in 1999 and made the mistake of coming back when the grandkids were born. Been getting screwed ever since. California sucks, plain and simple. We are over taxed while everything is given free to the illegal Mexicans. We are in a huge drought, 1,000s of acres of farmland being plowed under and they continue to bring in 1,000s of illegal workers. WHY? there are NO crops to pick! They only go on Welfare! This what the Democrats in Sacramento are bringing us! California will continue to suffer until we rid it of the Democrats at the capital!

  52. I'm sure that "exercise" was done at a good location especially since it houses a PTSD Clinic.

  53. Obama's SS is looking for you. Soon they will be coming to a street corner near you. There will be armed drones providing overwatch.

  54. Trisha Oricht There has become no difference between violent criminal psychopaths and politicians. They have merged to become the same thing – a threat to us all.

  55. Bill Seaman , to be nitpickingly pedantic (I will, sorry) SS is right, but I think these are more accurately described as the Heimat Sicherheitsdienst, which stands for precisely the same thing as DHS. In fact, I guarantee some creep in a DC office somewhere is still laughing for their cleverness in using a Germanic name that's straight out of the Third Reich to jam down Americans' throats. Sick little monkeys, those sociopaths.

    You can substitute Die Abteilung der Heimat-Sicherheit if you like. Same-same.

  56. There was a rumor when Bush was President that he and Cheney had developed a plan to suspend elections and put the country under marshal law. There are always conspirisy theories running amuck. I suspect they had a credible treat against the facility and were not allow to disclose it because they didn't want panic.

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