Democrat Fires Gun In Kentucky State Capitol

Democrat Fires Gun In Kentucky State Capitol


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By Brian Anderson

No, she wasn’t trying to stop a filibuster or push through expanded social programs. Kentucky State Rep. Leslie Combs (D-Pikesville) apparently forgot one of the major rules of gun safety by not keeping her booger hook off of the bang switch. Tuesday she “accidentally” discharged her concealed carry pistol inside the legislative office of the Capitol Annex.

Combs released a statement on Wednesday stating that she was following “standard safety procedures when the accident occurred.” I’m not quite sure what she considers standard safety procedures, but I do know that guns don’t just fire on their own. The trigger must be pulled in order to discharge a round. This was not an accident; it was pure negligence on her part.

Even if we give her the benefit of the doubt and imagine that she was carrying the gun in her purse and upon removing it, the trigger got hung up on something, she is still at fault. The weapon was not handled in a safe way and that’s why she ended up popping a cap in the office’s ass.

Combs has said that she obtained the concealed weapons permit for “safety reasons.” After Tuesday’s incident she will be much safer as everyone will run for cover anytime they see her. No one is going to get within 50 yards of her. You can’t get much safer than that.

Thankfully, there were no injuries resulting from Combs mishandling of her firearm. The Kentucky State Police Legislative Detail investigated and determined that no portion of the round traveled outside of the office. Nothing in the Kentucky Herald-Leader article mentioned any legal repercussions against Combs. I’m assuming that discharging a firearm in a public building is against the law.

I can’t help but to think that if a non-state lawmaker had “accidentally” fired his/her gun in public that he/she would be arrested and his/her firearms permanently confiscated. It would be even worse if the discharge were in the state Capitol. An average Joe or Jane would be facing some serious federal terrorism charges.

Fellow democrat House Speaker Greg Stumbo figures Combs has paid enough for her minor indiscretion. In his estimation she was, “very concerned and probably somewhat embarrassed by the incident.”

In her statement, Combs urged “everyone to be extremely cautious with their firearm. I know from personal experience how easy it is to discharge a firearm accidentally.”


Interestingly enough, Kentucky allows guns in their State Capitol building. And not just permitted CCWs. They also allow open carry so long as the carrier wears a red sticker indicating they have a gun on them. Maybe this whole thing was a staged event to show how dangerous it is to allow guns in the Capitol. You know, to get the ball rolling for a ban on firearms.

It’s always been my opinion that democrats hate guns so much because they don’t understand them and the proof is embedded somewhere in Leslie Combs’ office. Guns don’t just “go off,” they require manual stimulation to fire. Here’s one democrat that appears to get that guns offer protection, but she certainly doesn’t understand the actual mechanics of a firearm.



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