Common Core Vision Obama-UN Global Harmony

Common Core Vision Obama-UN Global Harmony


common coreVia Breitbart

As you might already know the new implemented Common Core has two large financial backers Bill and Melinda Gates and the UNESCO United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization. There is nothing American about Common Core, the goal is world harmony. Removing everything that resembles America from our school system and inserting a global transformation into the schools. Making it a global school system. The claims are that all religion is removed but that has been proven to be false as we have seen throughout the schools in America, the only religion under attack is Christianity. The one being inserted is Islam, children are bringing home books with lessons regarding the five pillars of Islam.

Well Obama did promise change, I guess some thought it would be in other areas. It is clear now that change is in the indoctrination of our children’s education to push Islam and remove any and all forms of Christianity. Read more at Breitbart



  1. I hope they teach all religions equally and with equal objectivity so as to give our children a better world view. Informed children grow up to be tolerant, well-adjusted, considerate adults (one hopes). And a more worldly education that is up to par with the rest of our global economy is the only way our children will be able to compete. Presently our America-centered system is failing our kids. They aren't prepared for the international nature of business and seem like social retards against other countries whose children are learning second and third languages in elementary schools.

  2. Islam cannot produce a free people. If it were good then the people would be happy in Islamic Nations. Why would they want to take over our nation if they were happy in their country?

  3. That's an exceptionally arrogant frame of mind. Precisely why much if the world 'tolerates' the US. We hardly live up to our promises to our own citizens and we still live by the Monroe Doctrine. We used to mock Britain for it's bygone imperialism, buts we who've not moved passed it. America in it's abstractions is far better than the rest of the world, but in practice she's flawed and broken.

  4. one world "brain washing" — the way to topple our country is thru the children , rip away a parents "right" to hand down our "American culture" and replace it with nanny state one world "lets all get along via you changing American culture to better suit the rest of the worlds ideals. –screw "commie core" as I call it.

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