Clinton Family Preparing Chelsea for a Congressional Campaign

Clinton Family Preparing Chelsea for a Congressional Campaign


If you thought Hillary’s humiliating defeat in the presidential election finally drove a stake through the heart of the Clinton political dynasty, you obviously don’t understand how the undead work. There’s a report that Bill and Hillary’s (well Hillary’s) daughter Chelsea is being groomed for a Congressional seat. These freaks are like Freddie Krueger; every time you think they are dead they keep coming back for an even worse sequel.

Liberal website Raw Story published a report that Chelsea Clinton is poised to take over the family political corruption business:

The Clintons are, according to sources close to the family, preparing their only child, Chelsea, for a political career of her own, laying the groundwork for a congressional campaign.

Her parents are reportedly eyeing New York’s 17th Congressional District for their daughter’s first run, a district that includes Chappaqua, where the Clintons have maintained their private resident for nearly two decades.

The incumbent Democrat congresswoman, Nita Lowey, is 79-years old and has served in congress since the 1980s. A strong supporter of Mrs. Clinton, sources close to the Clintons say they are preparing their daughter for the Democratic primary in the district as soon as Lowey retires.

“While it is true the Clintons need some time to regroup after Hillary’s crushing loss, they will not give up,” said the source.

This makes perfect sense. Hillary sold a ton of political favors with the idea that she was going to win the White House. She lost and now owes millions, maybe hundreds of millions, of dollars worth of influence. If they can get Chelsea into the House of Representatives, the Clintons can try to make good on their debts.

It also helps the Clinton Foundation, the family’s bogus charity organization, because without a Clinton in the government it’s hard to trade political favors for obscene amounts of cash. The Clinton’s rely on the Clinton Foundation as a source of revenue, but it only works if they can promise preferential treatment to “donors.” With Chelsea in Congress, the Clintons would be able to continue to attract big corporate and foreign government funding.

And the great thing is, Chelsea is just as corrupt as her scumbag parents. They have taught her well. She reportedly paid for her wedding with money siphoned from the Clinton Foundation, so she will have no problem continuing the family racket.

Of course Chelsea suffers from the same likeability issues as her mother, but she doesn’t quite have the public record of corruption, lies, murder as Hillary. Sure she’s a spoiled brat and an abrasive twat, but she never committed treason (that we know of) and she probably had nothing to do with Vince Foster’s death.

The American people sent a clear message last Tuesday that they were sick and tired of the corrupt Clinton political machine. New York however is a different story. This deep blue state can’t get enough of the Clinton’s. They elected Hillary to the Senate even though she wasn’t from the state and only lived there for a week before announcing her candidacy. I’d say it’s a given that Chelsea will end up representing NY unless Donald Trump can muster the courage to put this whole evil family behind bars.(h/t:downtrend)

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