Christian School Drops Nickname – Cites “Offensive” to Muslims

Christian School Drops Nickname – Cites “Offensive” to Muslims



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In a globalist, politically correct system of government, where any minority is given preferential status over the majority, especially a Christian majority, some things just have to change. That is the case with having a school mascot and nickname of “Crusaders.”

How could a Christian school expect to get away with a mascot that is not Sharia compliant in the first place?

The school, Maranatha Baptist University in Wisconsin has announced they will drop their old name, but haven’t yet determined.


The Crusades were so long ago, and with the increasing pressure to accommodate Islam in all aspects of American society, they might as well go ahead and get it over with. Besides, what relevance could a fight by Christians against a Muslim jihad sweeping across their continent possibly have in today’s world?

Matt Davis, school spokesperson said, “Our main concern has been with stereotypical and racist team mascots or school nicknames.” That’s surprising. Many of the parents sending their children there might have thought their main concern would be with providing a Christian college education. In fact, maybe, if there were a less politically correct approach to education at Maranatha, Davis would already have learned that Islam is not a race.

While acknowledging that there have not been any complaints about the name “Crusaders,” Davis points out that, “Our world has changed since 9/11 and we’ve become a more global society.” Abandoning recognition of a conflict with Islam with the justification of 9/11 is a very ironic thing.

Davis said, “We’re having a blast with the process.” That might not have been the most politically correct way to say it, Mr. Davis, in your modern, post 9/11 world. He continued, “It’s a fun process, but it’s also a serious process.”

Perhaps a focus group, including members of CAIR would be the most appropriate means by which to come up with an acceptable replacement; How about the “Capitulators?”

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  1. It's muslims who were offensive invading jerusalem so knights from europe came to get it back, maybe they'd learn history for a change??

  2. Christian schools capitulates to islamics , one wonders what Christ they believe in.

  3. Wow! That is so very accommodating of you Mr. Davis…. and while you're at it, perhaps you could also lop off your own head for them, and save them the trouble… you go, boy!


  4. F**k Islam!!! They should change their name to the school of cowards. They might as well stop teaching the Christian Religion as well! I WILL NEVER BOW TO ISLAM!!

  5. oh fuck that idea ! the muslims don't seem to care to offend us when they blow up people or behead chrisitians so if they don't like it they can leave the country !

  6. I don't care if I offend Muslims or anyone else for that matter. I'm not here to worry about some turbin wearing POS who hates my guts and wants me dead or converted. Keep your shit out of my affairs and I will do the same for you. Cross the line, I'll dot your T.

  7. Stop being brainwashed by false facts and opinions about Islam Faith which is the collector and the seal of both Christianity and Judaism Faiths into one utter completed faith: Islam!

  8. The hell with anyone who gets offended by our ways if you dont like it then get the hell out these are our ways. Since obama became president all has gone down in America we need to say its our way love it or leave it and jail the obamas hes NOT even a American…

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