Christian Book Linked to Childrens Deaths

Christian Book Linked to Childrens Deaths



Via New York Times

Another girl has lost her life, her parents have been found guilty of murder. Their guilt is being linked to a Christian based book called “To Train Up a Child”. The books authors are  Michael and Debi Pearl. The Pearls have absolutely no training for child psychology or psychology in any form.  I am a strong advocate for a discipline and reward system. That is not what this book is about. It is strictly for punishment before any wrong has been done. That in my eyes is not in the name of  Christianity. It would seem that this book is either filled with Islamic torture masked behind a few scriptures that have been twisted out of the realm of the reality they were intended for. Or the authors have so much hatred for children that they wanted to again twist scripture and help others find ways to torture their children, others who are weak and looking for guidance in raising their children. Some looking for guidance in a biblical way “or so they thought”.

I don’t reward my children for throwing a temper tantrum, but I never thought of actually disciplining them at infancy for crying! An infant only cries to communicate, but in the Pearls book they believe in starting the forceful spanking at infancy, that way a child knows crying will not get them anything, except more ‘spankings’.

(Once he learns that the reward of a tantrum is a swift, forceful spanking, he will NEVER throw another fit….If a parent starts at infancy, discouraging the first crying demands, the child will never develop the habit) The Pearls claim children need to be trained with the rod to realize the consequences up front and sometimes this means personal learning/experience. In chapter 10 , the Pearls offer examples of quick, decisive training. Chapter 10, has their personal examples: Gun Safety? Place an old empty gun within arm’s reach of a child , say “No” then have hand-switching sessions. Hot stove? Heat up the stove till it’s hot to the touch; open the door to get them attracted to the flames. As they run to the door to grab it say “Hot!” and the kid winds up learning in one try that it is hot. Pond out back? Walk the kid over to the pond and stay behind them as they lean over it and let them fall in. With one child, he actually had to nudge the kid in.

(Punishment must always be for things that are punishable. If a child has had all their needs met and isn’t in pain then the parent knows that there is no reason for the child to be crying. This can be punished. If one of those necessary things are in place (say, the child is tired) then put the child to bed; don’t punish him. But otherwise, the child, no matter the age, must be trained with the rod—not your hand.)

The Pearls words of wisdom are never use your hand. Hands are for loving and helping. If an adult swings their hand fast enough to cause pain to the surface of the skin, there is a danger of damaging bones and joints. The most painful nerves are just under the surface of the skin. A swift swat with a light, flexible instrument will sting without bruising or causing internal damage. Many people are using a section of ¼ inch plumber’s supply line as a spanking instrument. It will fit in your purse or hang around you neck. You can buy them for under $1.00 at  any hardware store. They come cheaper by the dozen. Keeping it in a high profile spot keeps the kids in line.

The Pearls No Greater Joy Ministry still manages to pull in 1.7 million dollars even with this controversy surrounding them. I know children need proper teaching, that includes discipline it also includes rewards, love and compassion. I grew up with a father  like the Pearls. Although he did not go to any measures to hide his. He used his closed fist, belt, pepper spray, much more, it was whatever was available to him at the time. If a tear fell you got more until the tears stopped. So This hits home for me. This book and the controversial deaths surrounding it, prove that there are weak and disturbed individuals out there. That will listen and do whatever they are told, even to their own children. How many childrens deaths have to be linked to this book before something is done.

Yes it is on the individual that follows through, they all deserve punished for the blood of these children. The book needs to be taken off the shelves, so no one else that is mentally unfit can purchase it. Then maybe they will seek real help for their children.



  1. my girlfriend has a 4yr old son. we've been together for a few months now and she has told me i have permission to discipline him if he is out of line. the other night we were in wal-mart and he promised he could walk with us and behave. we were only getting a few small things so we decided to not get a cart, which we usually do just so he can ride in it. as soon as we entered the store, he ran off and disappeared. when we found him, he was near the toy aisle. i picked him up and said no, we wont be looking at toys since you ran off. he cried and cried. she wanted to give in to stop his crying, i just carried him away and made it clear that in no way is that the proper way to handle the situation. he said he would behave and walk with us but as soon as i put him down, he would lay on the floor and refuse to walk. i picked him up, went thru the self check out to pay for my one item and took him outside and gave him a good swat on the rear. the last few days he has been an angel, even staying near by and listening when we stopped at the mall earlier today. there is no need to "beat" a child, but i do believe in a good swat on the rear can do wonders. there is also no need to do this sort of thing in public. we went to my truck, i made it clear he was going to get a swat on the rear, the reason why and followed thru with it. then we had a talk about why after. he's 4 so of course he;s going to get up to dickens, kids will be kids, but there also has to be boundaries, rewards for good behavior, punishments for bad.

  2. It's not abusive to the child to lay down rules and follow through with a swift firm hand. The brain develops better with chemical reactions. Such as those that come from pain. It helps induce long term memory better. Examples being touching a hot stove it is hot. They feel the burn and for the most part always remember the pain it induced. Bee stings, bug bites, cuts, there are millions of examples. I do not recommend using extreme force. Such as using a weapon. Or grabbing the child. If you grab a child it can break a bone. Which is abuse absolutely. But giving a kid a good swat on the butt. Absolutely called for and needed. No one wants to have the kid that does not have respect for their parent. I also recommend after words showing affection. Loving the child. Explaining to them what they did wrong. One does not just be firm and produce a loving child. It will make them a rabid dog that only wants to attack it's provoker. And spoiling the child will produce a child that merely runs over the parents. Has no concern for improvement or advice.Also do not become the hover parent. Allow them to learn things on their own. But be ready to step in to calm them down. Normally with finger snaps. The quick burst of sound resets them. Then explain slowly as to show them if they do not get it. Repeat this step until they have got it. I also introduce him to new individuals as much as possible. Keeping him in the same family settings. With no interaction with other children. Prevents him from social coping skills. I am not a psychologist. These are just some of my personal observations raising a child. What has and is working best. My four year old is the picture perfect child. I can relax and let him play with other children. Or let him entertain himself. He will put a movie in. Get a snack out of the fridge. Or a drink if he is thirsty. And when he comes across a problem he will come ask me. I respect him and what he has become. Almost as much as he respects me for the Man I am in his life. God Bless

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