Brexit Leader Nigel Farage – US, UK Relationship Now Between Sovereign Nations

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage – US, UK Relationship Now Between Sovereign Nations

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Neil Cavuto credits his guest, the UK’s Nigel Farage, with creating a worldwide revolution. While there were clearly other forces and participants involved, there is no disputing his role in the success of Brexit influenced Americans and others fighting for a return to sovereignty against the globalists. Farage campaigned with Mr. Trump and Brexit did inspire some of the reluctant to believe.

Farage says Brexit was the first brick out of the wall, it was the first real kick back against this liberal establishment that has dominated, with its friends in big business and the big banks, dominated the world for the last couple of decades, they’ve had everything their own way.”

“And my sense of it is,” says Farage, “that in Britain, America or elsewhere, that families, at dinner time have been saying, ‘what’s going on in this world? How are these people in charge?’ And what Brexit did was to give ordinary little people the chance to say what they thought and they won. And it’s now spread here to America with this dramatic victory of Trump.”

Cavuto notes how Farage has been demeaned by the losers on the left since Brexit passed and how the same thing is now happening to Donald Trump. “These are the same people that questioned every step he took, ” Cavuto notes. “If he followed their recommendations he’d have never gotten off that escalator. He points out that even with the knowledge of that reality, the attacks still continue.

Farage agrees and comments that they won’t stop. “But what we need to do is follow the example given to us over thirty years ago by Reagan and Thatcher. They both won sort of counter-revolution elections, at no point the opposition, in constant carping and  criticism stop and you know what? They made the world a better place and that’s what we’ve now, we’ve got the opportunity.”

Farage is dealing with the same kind of globalist trickery back in Britain, with a group claiming that they want to run the referendum again, implement a watered down version of the bill, dragging their feet. He describes how his trips to the British countryside leave him quite favorably impressed with the determination of the British people to take to the streets if necessary, Brexit will go forward as will Mr. Trump’s presidency.

Farage believes that if Mr. Trump starts to get the economic measures in place the can take more time on the other things. He says, “Send the big signal that he’s pushing for jobs and growth and then he’s better able to take his time to do the other things requiring more deliberate, thoughtful analysis on his own schedule. Farage points out that Trump will be pragmatic and that “If his stance changes a little bit on Obamacare, provided he brings the price of it down, it doesn’t really matter. “

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