Ann Coulter On “Refugees” – First We Must Save The US –...

Ann Coulter On “Refugees” – First We Must Save The US – Only We Do What The Greatest Nation Ever Does – What Does Mexico Do?


Ann Coulter expresses what to some may seem heartless but to others is a very real way of viewing the current manipulated invasion which is manifesting itself as some sort of flash mob “refugee” crisis.

The questioner asks about a preference or exception of priority status for the Christians which are being systematically killed, raped and tortured by Islamic supremacists in the Middle East, and Syria in particular. She references the relative silence on the issues of Syrian Christian children being crucified and the existence of rape warehouses. She asks for Coulter’s views on what is a situation in which a legitimate argument for the threat environment fitting refugee status could be made.

Coulter responds by saying, “First we have to save America,” comparing out situation to the instructions for putting on an oxygen mask in an airplane, to put your own on first before helping others.

She makes the point, “We can’t help anyone if we’re Mexico, pointing out that the Mexican response to tsunamis or other disasters is non-existent. She’s asks, “How did Mexico bring down the Soviet Union?”

Coulter adds, “There is nothing more important than saving the greatest country that ever existed.”

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