Al-Qaeda Twitters how to ‘kindly’ cut someone’s head off

Al-Qaeda Twitters how to ‘kindly’ cut someone’s head off


Al-Qaeda teaches on Twitter how to ‘kindly’ cut off human head

By Timothy Whiteman

Examiner : They don’t want to seem violent…”

In a truly bizarre case of the 21st century meeting the 7th, al-Qaeda is taking to Twitter to instruct fellow terror thugs how to properly behead the enemies of Islam but ensuring said head lopping is done so in a “kindly” fashion, as reported by the Islamo-centric news portal Al-Alam of Tehran, Iran on Nov. 7, 2013.

The al-Qaeda franchise owner in Syria, the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam (ISIS), has taken to the internet to instruct all al-Qaeda allies, from Boko Haram in Nigeria; to Lashkar-e-Omar (The Army of Omar) in Kashmir; to The Rajah Sulaiman Movement in the Philippines that when it comes to waging Jihad on either Western infidels or wayward Muslims, there is still conduite déraisonnable that won’t be tolerated, even the most ardent of Mujaheddin.

Specifically using the micro-blogging site Twitter, ISIS is admonishing that when it comes to decapitation, the Jihadi honchos still expect the rules of manners and decorum be adhered to.

Namely, ISIS is instructing that those who do the actual beheadings ensure they “kindly cut human’s head” due to their fear of not appearing all-that-friendly to the general public.

Or as Al-Alam published, “they don’t want to seem violent.”

Darn, Hash Tag Guillotine is Already Taken…

As cited, ISIS owns more than a few Twitter accounts, each under different handles, each with a different mission;

“Lions of the Islamic State”
“Falcons of the Islamic State”
“Companions of the Islamic State”
“Shaam State”

ISIS, which is referred to as “Daesh” in Arabic, has forbad anyone from using the organization’s name upon pain of 70 lashed, as per Islam’s Sharia Law.

“Shaam” is also the Arabic phrase for the Middle Eastern region comprising Lebanon and Syria.